Mark Wahlberg Teases Season 2 of ‘Wahl Street’ Show Coming in 2022

by Jonathan Howard

Another season of Mark Wahlberg’s HBOMax series, Wahl Street, is slated to debut in 2022. The actor shared a teaser on Instagram today. The docuseries had a successful first season. Fans soon became very interested in following Wahlberg throughout his daily schedule.

Season two will likely be much of the same, but fans know what they want. That means following Mark Wahlberg to the gym, catching up with friends and family, and seeing what the actor does in his day-to-day. As a little teaser, Wahlberg posted a short video on Instagram to get fans excited ahead of the second season.

The first season featured six episodes that followed Wahlberg as he struggled to balance all his projects and ventures. Not only is he usually filming multiple projects and finding time to spend with family, but Wahlberg is also actively looking for ways to diversify his portfolio with startups and other business opportunities.

A lot of the show in season one featured Mark Wahlberg not only dealing with business pains both large and small but being a business owner in the midst of a global pandemic. Hopefully, season two is able to focus more on the business and daily life aspect, and not the aspects of COVID that everyone has been dealing with. Viewers get an inside look at everything. Including Wahlberg’s fears and concerns. The things that make him second guess his decisions. That is why fans have been so drawn to the show after just one season.

Mark Wahlberg Strikes

The story of Mark Wahlberg is one that interests a lot of people. From his early career as a rapper to his various successes in film, and now as a businessman, his story is relatable to fans who keep up with Wahl Street. With the relationships shown and the interactions between people in Wahlberg’s life, fans have found inspiration from the show as well.

Depending on the episode, Wahl Street could feature any number of people in Mark’s life. The audience has already been introduced to a number of various people from different aspects of Wahlberg’s life. Friends, business partners, celebrities, and more are featured throughout the show.

Season two brings more characters to the show. However, fans will have to wait and see exactly who pops up once season two debuts. Mark Wahlberg is clearly a determined man and his ability to build such a business empire is on full display. While he has faced obstacles along the way, the actor stayed stalwart in his resolve. Being able to adapt to situations defines Wahl Street throughout season one.

Season two will be here before you know it. There is no telling what new business Mark Wahlberg has gotten involved in since season one. Catch up on the show on HBOMax.