Mark Wahlberg Treasure Hunt Flick ‘Uncharted’ Releases New Trailer

by Amy Myers

Mark Wahlberg has teamed up with Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland to create a partnership that ventures where no man has before in Uncharted.

The latest project is another film adaptation of a video game, following the latest trend of movies like Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City and Rampage. The action-adventure film features Wahlberg as treasure hunting expert Victor “Sully” Sullivan and Holland as his bartender-turned sidekick, Nathan Drake.

Sony released the second official trailer of the movie earlier today, less than two months from its premiere date in theaters on February 18. Check it out.

From the looks of the trailer, Mark Wahlberg’s latest film seems to combine all of the excitement and chaos of a Pirates of the Caribbean and an Indiana Jones film. Not only are Sully and Drake on a mission to find priceless treasure, but they’re also racing against other forces that are after the same prize. At one point, we even see helicopters airlifting two shipwrecked vessels while the two protagonists swing across the sails like a pair of Black Pearl crew members. All the while, Wahlberg pulls out some grade-A Professor Jones tactics by using his partner as a diversion as he slips away with a golden cross.

And, somewhere in the mix, we get the chance to see Mark Wahlberg sport a bushy mustache – which, before now, we didn’t even know we needed to see.

Mark Wahlberg Shares Enthusiasm for Latest Project with Tom Holland

Mark Wahlberg has helped keep fans excited about the new Uncharted territory by sharing a snapshot of the official movie poster on Twitter.

The poster featured an intense shot of Holland and Wahlberg in front of a decaying ship, both with a look of determination.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Mark Wahlberg was more enthusiastic about this latest feature, considering how long it’s been in the works. According to Forbes, when producers first started putting together the cast for Uncharted, they originally wanted Wahlberg to play the part of Drake. Now, over 14 years after the release of the video game, he instead plays the role of the older mentor.

No doubt, Wahlberg would nail the role no matter who he ended up portraying. But honestly, the delay in production may have worked out for the best. In nearly every action role he’s agreed to, Wahlberg is always the hardened expert that knows his way around the streets and past his competitors or enemies. And Uncharted seems to be no different.

As for Holland, ever the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed companion, the role of Drake seems to suit him just as well. As Spider-Man, Holland starts out as a naive but well-meaning hero that quickly grows into his role. Now beside Wahlberg, he seems to graduate from apprentice to partner.