Mark Wahlberg Watches Kids’ Games From the Car: Here’s Why

by John Jamison

Mark Wahlberg isn’t going into hiding any time soon. The man is distinctly recognizable. And barring a major plastic surgery or some Hollywood prosthetics, his presence will be known from the moment he steps into a public setting.

That’s fame for you. The A-list actor has learned how to deal with it over the years. But at a certain point, a line has to be drawn between his own celebrity status and his family’s privacy. For Mark Wahlberg, that line is clear. At his kids’ sporting events it is, at least. Dad stays in the car while the kids compete.

“Me being in the public eye, there are pros to that, but there’s a lot of cons. My kids wanna have their own identity, you know? I’m not allowed to get out of the car at football practice or a game. I gotta sit in the car and watch,” Wahlberg told Entertainment Tonight during a recent interview.

Watching From The Car Is Not Easy For The Movie Star Dad

It’s an unfortunate reality. And one that Wahlberg struggled with at first. It’s hard for a parent to maintain that kind of separation when all he wants to do is support his kids in their athletic pursuits with a whoop from the sidelines. It’s likely a difficult situation for the kids as well. There’s no replacing a “Way to go!” from a parent after making a play on the field.

“At first I took it personally, because I wanna be there to support them, but supporting them is by making them feel comfortable in what they’re doing and them having their own identity too,” Wahlberg continued.

Mark Wahlberg’s relegation to the car during games beats the alternative, however. His kids, as most do, want their achievements to speak for themselves. And the distraction created by having movie star dad signing autographs in the stands is an unwelcome one.

But it appears he gets to watch his kids occasionally, at the very least. Of course, it’s possible that someone else, like wife Rhea Durham, took the video. But regardless, a proud Mark Wahlberg made a post to Instagram last year, showing off his son’s three-point “dagger” to send the other team packing.

Mark Wahlberg’s New Movie

The actor’s fatherhood experience, watching games from the car aside, served him well for his role in “Joe Bell.”

Releasing Friday, July 21, Mark Wahlberg’s new movie sees him play the title character, Joe Bell. In the movie, his son commits suicide after suffering terribly at hands of bullies. Wahlberg plays a grieving father who sets out on a journey to walk across the U.S. to raise awareness of the dangers of bullying and to honor his son.