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Martha Stewart Drops Series of Stunning Throwbacks Celebrating Her 80th Birthday

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Happy Birthday, Martha Stewart!

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart turned 80 yesterday and she celebrated in a special way. Not only did she have a gorgeous cake (we’ll get to that a little later) but she also celebrated eight decades of life with a series of photos. Each photo was from a different time in Stewart’s life. Each of them is absolutely gorgeous.

First, there’s a black and white photo that looks like it could be from the sixties. Stewart is wearing a high collar, sleeveless dress, and big, sparkly, hoop earrings. The next photo shows a casual Martha Stewart sailing on a boat and smiling while her hair blows in the wind. The third photo shows Stewart posing in front of her chickens. She’s wearing a light brown sweater and flared denim pants. She’s coyly smiling as she looks off into the distance. Next, there’s a gorgeous candid photo of Stewart tending to her garden. She looks so happy as she holds a plant waiting to be planted in one hand, and her other hand brushes hair from her face. The whole thing looks unplanned yet also like a gorgeous photo straight from one of her magazines.

Martha Stewart finished the series of photos with one of her sitting in front of a winter sunrise. Stewart poses on some rocks in front of the ocean. She holds a cup of warm coffee and wears an adorable fur hat.

Along with the photos, Martha Stewart’s company’s official Instagram account wrote, “It is a good thing until you discover a better thing.” – Martha
Happy birthday to our founder, @marthastewart48, who has taught us that it’s never too late to learn the Good Things in life. What is your favorite lesson Martha has taught you? Leave them (and your birthday wishes!) in the comments below.”

Martha Stewart Shares a Photo of Her Birthday Cake

And now, we’re drooling. Obviously, we should have known that this cake was going to be off the charts delicious-looking. After all, it’s Martha Stewart. So, the cake needs to be fit for the Queen of lifestyle magazines, food, and dinner parties. Stewart shared a photo of the cake, taken by her daughter, to her personal Instagram account.

Along with the photo, Stewart wrote, “Yummy birthday cake! Yellow sponge layers filled with orange curd and lemon curd with meringue frosting lightly browned. Utterly delicious!! Photos by Jude Stewart. Cake created by @pstailoredevents (chef Pierre) and helpers Moises And Federico.

Additionally, she shared a photo of an actual slice of the cake and now we cannot think about eating anything else. Undoubtedly, the cake looks deliciously fluffy with delicious curd between each layer of soft cake. In conclusion, Martha Stewart truly does know how to throw a party. Next time, we hope we’re invited!