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Martha Stewart Tries Intense Hot Therapy While Recovering From Achilles Surgery

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Denis Contreras/Getty Images for SOBEWFF®)

Television personality icon Martha Stewart announced on Thursday that she’s trying out an intense hot therapy following the recent surgery on her ruptured Achilles tendon. 

“There are many ways to recuperate from a serious surgery I was told about @biomatofficial – by my yoga guru @marykatemurrayyoga,” Stewart states in the post. “It is a full size heating mat with fine restorative qualities. Perfect for tired, wounded , recovering or ill patients. The mat heats to 158 degrees. Check it out!!!!”

Stewart shows off the treatment in a series of photos. The treatment definitely looks intense, with Stewart’s fans reacting with, “Don’t get up from that bed!!!” And, “Best wishes on your recovery. Physical therapy is your friend to recover 100%!” 

Martha Stewart Talks Achilles Surgery

Earlier this week, Martha Stewart took to her Instagram account to share photos of her Achilles tendon following her three-hour-long surgery. “[It’s] not the prettiest photo nor the happiest back story,” she explains. “Bad timing all around.”

Stewart reveals that she ruptured her Achilles’ tendon a while, but had hoped it would heal on its own. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. “Most such ruptures occur when dancing or playing sports. Mine was caused by a surprise step into a hole in the dark getting out of the car,” she says. “Thank you NYU for attempting to make me whole again.” 

Stewart notes that NYU’s Dr. John Kennedy performed the surgery to repair the damage. “Recuperating at home. I have been ordered to lay still with my leg elevated for two weeks,” she writes. “After that another two-to-four weeks of crutches. Then maybe some more normal activity.”

Martha Stewart Reflects on Her Life In Recent Interview 

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart discusses her five-month sentence in federal prison. “I knew I was strong going in and I was certainly stronger coming out,” she explains. “It was a very serious happening in my life. I take it very seriously. I’m not bitter about it but my daughter knows all the problems that resulted because of that. There’s a lot.”

While also revealing her biggest regret, Stewart states she wishes she could have appeared on Saturday Night Live. “My only big regret that I can talk about is that Saturday Night Live asked me to host. My probation officer wouldn’t give me the time. That really pi—ed me off, because I would have loved to have hosted Saturday Night Live. I’d like that on my resume. 

In regards to her life lessons, Stewart adds, “If you can get some life lessons of what I’ve done or what I think I’ve done, that would be great. I’ve said it so many times, but take your life into your own hands. Don’t let other people direct you. Know what you want. I really believe in that.”