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Mary Tyler Moore Once Faced Off with ‘Seinfeld’ on 1990s Flop, ‘New York News’

by Evan Reier
Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)

It goes without saying that the career of Mary Tyler Moore is one of the most illustrious and impressive in entertainment history.

The legendary actress was a pioneer for women, especially in the realm of comedy. Her success on The Dick Van Dyke Show was a gamechanger. Besides leading to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, she genuinely proved her comedic talent several times over.

However, not every show was a hit, and not every endeavor a success. It’s only the nature of the business. In 1995, Moore took one of those lumps.

In a supporting role, Mary Tyler Moore became the editor-in-chief of a massive tabloid. Playing Louise Felcott in New York News, she portrayed a cold, serious leader nicknamed “The Dragon.”

Mary Tyler “The Dragon” Moore. Has a pretty great ring to it if you ask us.

However, she didn’t get to play that role for very long. This was, in part, because the cards were somewhat stacked against the show. Like many programs of the 1990s, the behemoth of Seinfeld got in the way.

The show never got off the ground, having to battle Seinfeld in the Thursday 9 p.m. window. 13 episodes and one season later, New York News had met its cancellation fate.

But, as only Mary Tyler Moore could, she always kept a sense of humor related to the struggles of the show.

Mary Tyler Moore on New York News

In 1995, before the show’s cancellation, Moore spoke with Entertainment Weekly about a variety of topics, including New York News. The unavoidable topic of having to go head-to-head with Seinfeld was eventually approached, and Moore kept her hopes and jokes going.

”It’s a joke, because Seinfeld is the best show on TV,” Moore said. “”But hopefully, it will be a good enough show that the network will move us and back us up.”

Obviously, that didn’t happen. It’s the unfortunate nature of showbusiness that not everything can succeed, and sometimes shows barely get a chance. New York News is one of several programs that bit the dust at the hands of gargantuan successes like Seinfeld.

Moore Cared About Lobsters

The interview resurfaced after Moore’s death in 2017. While the comments about Seinfeld and New York News, perhaps one of the best quotes of Moore’s lifetime came on the topic of lobsters.

The interview explains that the legendary actress still had thoughts and beliefs that were as wholesome as they were interesting. Somehow, the topic of lobsters came up and Moore expressed how she felt about the cooking techniques related to the crustaceans.

”They’re put in boiling water, and it takes them five minutes to die,” she said. “”And they do feel pain. They have relationships with other lobsters — some actually hold each other’s claws when they’re walking together. Please, somebody out there figure out a way to kill them that doesn’t require them being scalded to death.”

It’s worth mentioning Moore was a vegetarian at this time. Either way, it makes for a fantastic quote and moment.