‘Matlock’: The Time ‘ALF’ Made a Bizarre Cameo on Legendary Andy Griffith Program

by Joe Rutland

You might be asking if an alien from another planet actually made an appearance on Andy Griffith’s “Matlock.” Well, yes it did…in a sense.

“ALF” was one of NBC’s hit shows during the 1980s. The lovable, wise-cracking alien life form (“ALF”) finds himself in a second-season episode of “Matlock.” “ALF” is a guest on “Hollywood Today,” where he talks about some situation in his family.

This is some bizarre stuff, especially on a show that’s pretty much overseen by a veteran like Andy Griffith. One might assume that an NBC executive pitched this cross-show promotion idea as a good one. At the time, “Matlock” was on NBC before moving to ABC for its final seasons.

‘Matlock’ Gives ‘ALF’ Spot On Andy Griffith Program

If you find it hard to believe “ALF” would even be on TV, then let us remind you it lasted for four seasons on NBC. But the show continues to live on, thanks to syndication availability on Hulu.

There’s no word on what Griffith actually thought of having “ALF” make a cameo on “Matlock.” At one point, though, Griffith took control of scripts and started changing not only Ben Matlock’s character but others as well.

In addition, there really is no context around the appearance. It simply was a spot in the show taken up when there happened to be space.

‘ALF’ Appearance Comes At End Of Episode On NBC

One might think if “ALF” had crash-landed in Griffith’s other TV home of Mayberry, then that little alien might have found himself behind bars.

A lot of 1980s TV shows didn’t always make sense. Toss in “ALF” appearing on “Matlock” as one of those head-scratching moments, too. At least his appearance was at the very end of an episode. You can tell because the closing credits naming the executive producers of “Matlock” appear.

Take a look at this very brief appearance of “ALF” on “Matlock.”