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‘Matlock’: One Star Was Fired After Three Seasons Due to Alcohol and Drug Abuse

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Substance abuse kills careers. That is true no matter what field you’re in. You could be a musician, actor, director, or factory worker and that fact doesn’t get any less true. One “Matlock” star learned this lesson after being fired for his excessive substance abuse after three seasons on the show.

Kene (pronounced like Kenny) Holiday played Tyler Hudson on “Matlock,” for the show’s first three seasons. He was the titular lawyer’s private investigator. They worked together to get justice for Ben’s clients. However, behind-the-scenes, Holiday was drinking and using drugs heavily.

Somewhere near the middle of the third season of “Matlock,” Holiday was fired.

Former ‘Matlock’ Star Discusses His Time on the Show, Getting Fired

Kene Holiday talked about his life and career with The New York Times, back in 2007. During the interview, Holiday spoke briefly about his time on “Matlock,” and his subsequent termination.

“Matlock” first aired in 1986. Before getting the role of Tyler Hudson, Holiday was doing voiceover work. Landing that role changed his life. He was just scraping by, trying to get work wherever he could, Holiday told the New York Times. He said, “At 9 o’clock that morning I was another struggling guy trying to do voiceovers, and by 9 p.m. that evening I was well on my way to prosperity and fame again.”

It seemed that Holiday didn’t blame the “Matlock” showrunners for firing him. The network was spending millions of dollars on the series. So, he knew there was only so much they would put up with from their cast.

However, that was not the end of Holiday’s career as an actor. In fact, it wasn’t his final time on “Matlock,” either. He returned for a handful of guest appearances in the show’s later seasons. It was a wake-up call for Holiday, though.

Kene Holiday – Life After Addiction

Before starring in “Matlock,” Holiday had a successful career on the stage. He also had parts in several movies and television shows. So, he had plenty of experience from which to pull in the years after he got sober.

The former “Matlock” star used his experience on the stage for the next step in his career. Holiday became a traveling evangelist. He and his wife traveled the country and put on gospel musicals. He used his talent and testimony to spread the Good Word wherever he could.

In 2002, he moved back to his home state of New York to care for his mother. She had Alzheimer’s. After that, he became passionate about the disease. As of the writing of the 2007 article, he was a spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

He also stayed fairly busy over the years taking roles in both film and television, according to his IMDb profile.

Kene Holiday is a great example of how far you can go if you have passion and are willing to put in the work to overcome the obstacles in your path. In the 2007 interview, Holiday said he had been clean and sober for 19 years.