‘Matlock’ Star Nancy Stafford Said Mark Harmon Was ‘Just Charming’ on Set of ‘St. Elsewhere’

by Keeli Parkey

When you picture actress Nancy Stafford, you most likely think about her in her role on “Matlock.” She played attorney Michelle Thomas alongside Andy Griffith’s title character of Ben Matlock in the popular 1980s drama.

However, before she joined the cast of “Matlock,” Nancy Stafford was known for her role in another popular 1980s drama. That television series was “St. Elsewhere.” She played the character of Joan Halloran in that series from 1983 until 1986.

Joining Stafford in the cast of that television show – which was on the air from 1983 until 1988 – was Mark Harmon. He played the character of Dr. Robert Caldwell from 1983 until 1987. As fans are aware, “St. Elsewhere” was focused on the doctors and the goings-on of the St. Eligius Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Harmon, of course, went on in his career to have other famous roles. One of the most famous is that of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the hit drama “NCIS.” The success of that show has giving him a television career that has gone on for several decades.

Turns out, working with Mark Harmon is something “Matlock” star Nancy Stafford remembered for years after the show came to an end. She shared some of her memories of working with Harmon in “St. Elsewhere” during a February 2020 interview with Fox News.

During that interview, which also touched on her work in “Matlock,” Stafford also described what it was like to work with Harmon in “St. Elsewhere.” Turns out, he was a costar she truly enjoyed working with.

‘Matlock’ Star Nancy Stafford Said She Had ‘A Great Time’ Working With Mark Harmon in ‘St. Elsewhere’

During the 2020 interview, she was asked, “You also starred in “St. Elsewhere.” What was it like working with Mark Harmon?”

She began her response by expressing something many people who meet Harmon probably experience. “Ahh, swoon,” the “Matlock” star said with a laugh. “What do you think? We had a great time.”

Next, Nancy Stafford shared her thoughts about what it was like to be a part of the cast of “St. Elsewhere.”

“The whole show was amazing. And this was my first primetime series. And here I am, relatively new and still studying on an Emmy Award-winning show with the most amazing cast on the planet. It was really mind-blowing,” the future “Matlock” actress also said during the interview. “It was such an honor.”

She went on to close her comments with more praise of “NCIS” star Mark Harmon. And, she continued to share her joy that she had the opportunity to work with the actor. “Mark was just charming and just made it so fun. I just loved the whole experience,” “Matlock” actress Nancy Stafford also said.