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Matthew McConaughey’s 3 Kids Join Him and Wife Camila at ‘Sing 2’ Premiere

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles premiere of Sing 2 went down over the weekend and it was a family affair for Matthew McConaughey and the crew.

Wife Camila Alves and their three children attended the premiere. It looks like it was a great event. The actor wore a suit with a brown vest and pants and had his hair pulled back. He looked just as cool and slick as ever. The rest of the family had their best outfits on as well and looked very happy to be there.

Check out the photo that Matthew McConaughey posted on his Instagram.

Now that looks like a happy family getting ready to enjoy the new movie their dad stars in! Sing 2 is a very interesting and varying cast. There are so many stars from Hollywood and the music industry. Of course, McConaughey is good friends with one singer that stars in the movie.

When it comes to interesting relationships perhaps Matthew McConaughey and Bono sure are up there. Just think about what the two talk about and what they do when they hang out. Both have done just about everything that they’ve ever wanted to do and they continue to live their lives that way. From movies and music to business ventures and philanthropy. Both men have accomplished quite a bit.

But, the big question is, do they sing together? Well, sorta?

Do McConaughey and Bono Sing Together?

While out on the red carpet for the premiere, Matthew McConaughey had to answer some questions. Always one to bring a positive attitude and fun answers, the actor talked with Variety about the movie. He was also asked about his friendship with Bono and if they got the chance to sing together in the movie.

“Not in this movie,” the actor said. “We’ve sung in other places, but not in this movie.” That’s when the interviewer pressed McConaughey on his answer. Well, where do they sing together? When? Is there evidence of this? Those are all the questions going on in fans’ minds.

“Oh that’s, no,” he said. “I can’t tell you any of that. That’s nobody’s business.” Okay, so what does that even mean? Singing sessions with Bono must be intimate affairs by the sound of it. Mr. Texas himself can’t say anything about the times he has sung alongside the talented Irishman?

Who knows why, but we won’t find out any time soon, that’s clear.

Matthew McConaughey on Family and Marriage

From the looks of the Instagram post from earlier, it looks like McConaughey has the family thing on lock. He spends a lot of time doing things outside the house, but makes time for his wife and kids. The actor has a secret to marriage.

Basically, Matthew McConaughey’s advice as far as marriage goes is like what your dad might have told you. Don’t make problems when they don’t exist and never go to bed angry. He put it in different words, but the message is pretty much the same.