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Matthew McConaughey Asks Fans for Impressions of Himself and the Replies are Glorious

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey is poking fun at himself all in good spirit. The actor, now author, is asking fans to impersonate him by reading from his new book Greenlights.

“send ‘em on in… I can handle it #greenlightsbook” the caption reads.

In the video McConaughey says that he saw somebody reading an excerpt from his book and was thoroughly impressed by this person’s impersonation of the actor.

“You know what? I loved it,” he claims. “It was funny. You made me laugh, pretty damn hard. I think sense of humor should be our default emotion so I’m inviting more sense of humor into mine and your life by calling any of you ‘Greenlighters’ out there, I dare you, do your best impersonation, impression of me reading an excerpt from Greenlights, my book… post it. Send it in.”

McConaughey continues to say that he’s going to look at all of the submissions and repost the best ones on his Instagram story.

Matthew McConaughey Impersonations are Magically Stellar

Alright, alright, alright sit back and get ready to be amused. We’ve rounded up some of the posts that have been shared so far.

This Twitter follower shares several videos impersonating the actor. In this one, he hits on McConaughey’s accent and inflections flawlessly. He even gets the whistle in there that McConaughey does so often.

This impersonator tells his story of how he wanted in on the action but had to purchase the book online. The Greenlights author never said the entries had to be from hardcopies, so it looks like this guy is good to go.

The fan quotes one of McConaughey’s movies “Interstellar,” perhaps showing off his knowledge about the award-winning actor. He also does some Matthew McConaughey-isms, like the tongue click.