Matthew McConaughey Bares It All in Throwback Pic for ‘National Pickle Day’

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

November 14th marks National Pickle Day in the United States. Honestly, we’re not too sure who celebrates this holiday. However, one celebrity took to Twitter to let everyone know that they do: Matthew McConaughey.

Although it seems that McConaughey took the opportunity to post a nude throwback picture. In the photograph, a bearded McConaughey looks back at the camera and poses while holding a jar of pickles. However, the biggest shock of the picture is that the Interstellar actor is clearly nude, propping his leg up inside the refrigerator as he smiles for the camera.

“Pickled,” the actor wrote in his caption, adding the National Pickle Day hashtag to his post. You can view the viral photo below.

Plenty of fans and celebrities alike reacted to the hilarious post, which has garnered over 18,000 likes on Twitter since being posted on Monday.

“Sweet or dill?” one fan asked. Another fan chimed in, joking: “I always considered myself more of a cucumber guy.”

National Pickle Day isn’t a globally-celebrated holiday, but it is celebrated in the United States. Apparently, all you have to do to properly enjoy this holiday is—you guessed it—eat a pickle.

Matthew McConaughey Offers Advice to Fans

Matthew McConaughey has long been known for his deep insights and interesting perspectives. He offered more advice in a recent Twitter video.

The Green Lights author posted a video to the platform, captioning it “don’t invent drama.” He then goes on to tell a story about a great lesson in life that he had learned. He said the lesson came from a friend’s great-grandfather.

In the video, McConaughey recounts a story that his college roommate, Samuel Monroe-Wells, shared with him years ago. After spending some time with his 94-year-old great-grandfather during a Christmas break, Monroe-Wells gained a few insights.

He asked the man to give him some life advice. McConaughey, always the actor, recounts the scene with an old man’s voice.

“Best advice I can give you is this,” McConaughey recalls, “I have had many crises in my life. And most of them… never happened.”

McConaughey reminds us that oftentimes, the problems in our lives are problems that are of our own invention. The story he shares helps to remind us that most of the biggest problems we have now won’t be problems in the future (i.e. “don’t invent drama”).