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Matthew McConaughey Beats Out All Candidates in New Texas Governor Poll

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Although he still hasn’t revealed whether or not he will actually run for governor in Texas, a new poll is showing that Matthew McConaughey is actually beating out other potential candidates. 

According to a poll recently conducted by the University of Texas and the Dallas Morning News, Matthew McConaughey would actually be able to take on Republican incumbent governor Greg Abbot if both were to run against each other. The poll shows that 43% of respondents would actually vote for McConaughey. Abbott attracted 35% and 22% would opt for another option. 

Matthew McConaughey recently told NPR host Scott Simon that he is not not running for office in Texas. “I’m not – until I am. It’s got to be personal for me. But it’s also got to be the most useful thing for the most amount of people.”

Matthew McConaughey also declared in an interview with Kara Swisher he could have more influence as an informal leader than a formal leader. However, when pressed about his political positions, he said, “I don’t talk politics. I talk people.”

Although it seems like Matthew McConaughey is considering the idea of running for office, Texas political figures seem to be skeptical. Gilberto Hinojosa, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, told LA Times, “He appears to be simply enjoying the publicity. It doesn’t work that way. He needs to pick a party. Nobody knows what this guy stands for.”

Jim Henson, the director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas also stated that he’s not interested in Matthew McConaughey’s political stances unless he commits to running for governor. “If he’s going to do it, he would do everyone a service by not stringing us along.”

Who is Planning to Run for Texas Governor in 2022?

LA Times reported last month that the filing deadline to run for the March 1st primary is December 13th. Abbott has already committed to running for re-election for a third term. He is already facing two far-right challengers for the race. 

Meanwhile, Democrat Beto O’Rourke has announced that he is running against Abbott in the upcoming 2022 Texas governor election. His spokesman shared in October, “He has been making and receiving calls with people from all over the state.”

O’Rourke did speak about Matthew McConaughey potentially running for governor with the Texas Tribune. “He’s a really popular figure whose political views have not in any way been fixed.”

O’Rourke also shared his thoughts about Abbott’s leadership. “The fight in front of us right now is the one that we’re talking about today in Texas right now. Given what’s going on.”

He then pointed out the “deep damage, chaos, and incompetence,” connected to Greg Abbot. This includes the winter free, permit less carry, anti-mask mandate, and the global pandemic’s toll on the state. “This is what we need to focus on right now.”