Matthew McConaughey on Being ‘Brutally Honest’ in New Memoir

by Amy Myers

Last year, Matthew McConaughey added “memoir author” to his long list of credits. His book Greenlights took off as soon as it hit the shelves and has been on the New York Times Best Seller list for a full year now.

Despite all of his success as an actor, producer and director, McConaughey didn’t quite expect his book to be such quick and constant success. According to the Texas native, there was one element that caught and kept his audience’s attention – complete and unapologetic honesty. He explained that this component was both shocking and eye-opening to his readers, giving them a new perspective on life.

“I’ve had people come to me and say, ‘Look, it laid out a path for me, a different way of looking at my life where I’ve been and where I’m going,'” Matthew McConaughey shared. “And I think, what I’ve heard from people saying is, you know, ‘Look, you were so brutally honest about the successes, the failures, the smiles and the tears. That put in my place many times.’ I think they were able to feel like they were looking me in the eye, and I was looking them in the eye. It seemed to take off.”

Matthew McConaughey further added that “the themes that were underneath that paper cover with my face on it” were the reason so many people resonated with and praised his memoir.

Listen to his full explanation below.

From Memoir Author to Children’s Movie Star, Matthew McConaughey Is Reaching All Audiences

Meanwhile, the new author has also found new “street credit” as the star of the children’s animated movies, Sing and Sing 2. The typically suave actor portrayed the role of an optimistic koala named Buster Moon who had a dream to restore his theater to its former glory.

The recent role is certainly different from those in Dazed and Confused and Dallas Buyers Club, but Matthew McConaughey has enjoyed the contrast in perspectives, especially because his kids can now see him in theaters.

McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, have three kids together, all of which still need adult supervision at the movies. Obviously, the actor’s children haven’t seen his more risque films just yet, and Sing offered the family an opportunity to enjoy his work together. In fact, the family even attended the premiere of the sequel together, proving just how family-friendly the actor had become on screens.

In an interview with TODAY, Matthew McConaughey expressed his excitement over the fact that kids will think of him first as the voice behind Buster Moon.

“Finally, I’m making some films that my kids can see. I got a little more street credit at the dinner table,” he said.