Matthew McConaughey Can’t Wait for the ‘High Noon Showdown’ Between His Longhorns and Alabama

by Jonathan Howard

This college football season can’t get here fast enough. And Matthew McConaughey couldn’t agree more, he’s ready to see the Longhorns. When it comes to hyped-up games, there are a few fans are looking at. Texas and Alabama have to be up near the top.

While most folks are focused on Texas A&M and Bama’s date with fortune, that’s not what McConaughey is looking forward to. The actor wants to see his Longhorns open the year with a big win. Taking down the Crimson Tide…Texas would be back.

However, that still has to come to fruition. Between now and kickoff, though, Longhorn faithful will sit and wait impatiently. All of the hot takes. The trash talk. And all the good stuff you say before the year starts and your team takes that first L.

Check out the post below and see it for yourself.

“A high noon showdown with Bama? I LOVE it. Hope its a 100 degrees. Lets get it on. Longhorn Nation bring the heat.” That’s a message that anyone that wears burnt orange can relate to.

September 10 is the big day and college football fans are getting a doozy to begin the first Saturday of the season. I know that there’s going to be one actor covered head to toe in orange when that day comes around. After all that Nick Saban said this week, every team is going to have a target on Alabama’s back even bigger than before – if that’s possible.

Fox is hyping this game up already and if it’s as good as billed, then we might be in for an instant classic to start the season.

Just 113 days to go…

Matthew McConaughey Can’t Wait for the Longhorns’ Season

Matthew McConaughey loves his Longhorns. Plain and simple. He was originally supposed to attend Southern Methodist University, but a public education made more sense for him at the time. So, Texas at Austin was the choice. Since then, he’s been a Longhorn through and through.

Now, McConaughey might be the biggest Texas fan out there. However, even he has had to sit idly by and suffer through some bad football and some very upsetting results. It just hasn’t come together for the Longhorns. Will 2022 finally be the year that Texas is back? With a Week 1 meeting with Alabama, they have a great opportunity to start the season big.

So, Outsiders, which game would you rather see? Texas and Alabama? Or Texas A&M against Bama? How about this, I have a solution. Nick Saban just bare-knuckle boxes each opposing head coach this season. No football, just coach fights. If he makes it to the Natty, then he steps in the ring with Jake Paul.