Matthew McConaughey Congratulates His Wife on Release of Her New Book ‘Just Try One Bite’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

For Matthew McConaughey, it was time to show his wife and her new book a little social media love.

That’s why he posted a charming video about Camila Alves McConaughey, otherwise known as the actor’s better half, on his Instagram. It was time to celebrate “Just Try One Bite.”

In the video, McConaughey is using a sexy kind of whisper as he does his hype.

Let Matthew McConaughey Explain Why He’s So Proud of His Wife and Her New Book

“Hey everybody, I want to congratulate someone … who is my best friend and partner and the mother of our children, Camila Alves McConaughey. Today she puts down her first book, Just Try One Bite

“Baby you’ve been working hard on this for two years,” he said. “Actually, I know you’ve been working hard on this for 13 years, because that’s how long you’ve been a mother. That’s where this book comes from, healthy eating habits that we teach our kids and also healthy eating habits our kids can remind us of.

And he continued “It’s a good thing to put out in the world. I hope every out there checks it out, enjoys the rhyme and enjoys the reason. Try this just one time. I look forward to the next bite. Love you.”

Book Comes from the Kid’s Eating Perspective

So the book offers a different take on how you get your kids to eat. Any parent remembers those days bending over a high chair, begging a baby to eat. Just one more bite, please? But in Camila’s book, the children are pleading. They are the ones trying to get their parents to eat better. Maybe there was too much beer and BBQ consumed in the McConaughey’s Austin home. We just don’t know, right?

Meanwhile, here’s the book’s official summary. “These three kids are determined to get their parents to put down the ice cream, cake, and chicken fried steak to just try one bite of healthy whole foods. But it’s harder than it looks when these over-the-top gagging, picky parents refuse to give things like broccoli and kale a chance. Kids will love the jaunty rhyme that’s begging to be read aloud and the opportunity to be way smarter—and healthier—than their parents.”

Does it sound like a good read? You can get more information about the book here.

The Couple Reside in Austin and Are Parents to 3 Children

The McConaugheys live in Austin with their three children —  Levi, 13, Vida, 12, and Livingston, 9.

Camila recently gave an interview to E News. She said she’s given some of the eating power to her children to make sure they can have a learning experience. If they ask a question about a particular item, she tells them to check out the ingredients.

“That’s what I do in my household,” Camila said. “When the kids want to have something that’s not good for them, I go, ‘Hey, I’m not going to tell you not to have it. But look at the ingredient panel.’ They go in and they start looking at it and I go, “Well, does it all sound like stuff that you would have in your kitchen? Does it all sound like stuff that you want to put in your body?'”