Matthew McConaughey Delivers Powerful Fourth of July Message That Everyone Needs To Hear

by Samantha Whidden

Listen up! This is a good one! Matthew McConaughey took to Twitter on Sunday to deliver a powerful Fourth of July message that everyone is needing to hear right now.

“Happy birthday, America!” Matthew declares. “As we celebrate our Independence today, as we celebrate our birth as a nation. The day that kickstarted our revolution.” McConaughey then goes on to discuss how the last year’s “trip around the sun” was a “head-scratcher.” He also refers to Americans as “babies” who are actually going through puberty and will experience “growing pains” along the way. “This is good because we gotta keep learning,” he says. “We gotta keep maturing. We gotta keep striving and keep climbing. Why? Because the alternative sucks.”

Matthew McConaughey also claims he believes America is an “aspiration” because each American is constantly in motion. “We’re trying to get wiser, trying to get braver, trying to dream more, trying to do more, and trying to be more fair,” he proclaims. The actor then says that everyone must take the right kind of responsibility to gain the right kind of freedoms. “Sure, we’re each unique. We’re each independent and have the abilities that others don’t have. As individuals and states. But at the time, we’re all in this together.” 

McConaughey notes that if others don’t “purchase” that kind of responsibility, then they need move on and go somewhere else. “So, as we celebrate the red, white, and blue this weekend, let’s be sure to reflect just a minute,” he adds. “Take a little inventory of where we come from, where we are, and how and where we want to go from here.”

Is Matthew McConaughey Planning to Run for Texas Governor?

In a recent interview with USA Today’s Austin Statesman, Matthew McConaughey spoke about his potential to run for Texas governor. When asked if it was a possibility, McConaughey states, “I would say, as far as running, I’m not until I am.” He does say that he is considering the idea to run and he would call himself a fool not to consider potentially running for a political office.

“I still have to answer the same questions for myself and my family,” Matthew explains. “Is that the truest and best category for me to be the most useful?” He then says that he’s ready to step into a leadership position in the next chapter of his life, but he doesn’t know if that’s in politics. 

Matthew goes on to explain that he thinks that politics is a broken business in many ways. “There are certain handcuffs you’re going into with politics,” he states. “There’s backstabbing. There’s Band-Aids. I’m not really interested in Band-Aids. I’m tired of the Band-Aids.”

McConaughey concludes that he is asking himself how he can make himself more useful. “And maybe [as] a free agent.”