Matthew McConaughey Demonstrates the Proper Way to Hang Out With Texas Mascot Bevo

by Joe Rutland

For those of you who keep up with actor Matthew McConaughey, you are more than clued into his love for the University of Texas. He supports the different sports programs on the school’s main campus in Austin, Texas. McConaughey also has a little inside scoop on how to hang out with Bevo.

If you didn’t know, then Bevo is the school’s sports mascot. He can get a little rowdy sometimes and history shows Bevo’s life is a little sketchy. But all is good when it comes to the actor and the animal. In fact, he’s showing off the proper way you would want to really be a close, personal friend of Bevo. Take a look at what McConaughey shared on his Instagram account on Friday. It will be something you will remember.

Matthew McConaughey Spoke Out After Texas’ Loss To Alabama

You better believe that having a beer with Bevo is one way to become the animal’s close, personal friend. Down in Texas, beers and Bevo go hand in hand. McConaughey is simply showing people how to connect with the big Texas Longhorn mascot. And boy howdy, is Bevo big! Don’t get him riled up because that could become a dangerous thing. McConaughey looks like he has the situation well in hand, though. Just a guy hanging out with Bevo for a little fun time.

With college football season back underway, that means the Texas Longhorns are playing again. The team is looking to improve upon a rather disappointing 2021 season. Texas managed to play Alabama tough at their home stadium, Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. The Crimson Tide pulled off a 20-19 road victory. After the game, McConaughey would speak out about the loss. He would go on Twitter and share his thoughts. “We played some great football today,” the tweet reads. “A total TEAM effort and true Texas fight – the future of @TexasFootball looks bright – we are on our way- horns up and hearts high #hookem.” ESPN’s beloved College GameDay would broadcast from Austin on that Saturday morning. McConaughey, who is a native of Uvalde, Texas, shared a touching tribute to his city. That was done in light of the school massacre that took place there.

Since he is a big Hollywood movie actor, you might think that he watched them all the time as a kid. That’s not exactly the case. recently, McConaughey would reveal what few movies his parents would let him see as a youngster. “I remember seeing the movie Hud with Paul Newman,” McConaughey said in another Instagram video clip. He would recall this about seeing Newman work. “Whoa,” he said. “What a great character. What a great performance, what a great movie.”