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Matthew McConaughey Describes What Texans and Aussies Have in Common

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)

Matthew McConaughey has done more in his life than most of us could do if we were given three. That includes spending time in Australia.

When he was a teen, the award-winning actor made his way down under for a gap year. He spent the year living in the country and learning a lot of life lessons. The native Texan didn’t feel too out of place in his temporary home. Instead, he noticed there were many similarities to his home.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, McConaughey remembered his time in Australia and talked about what he learned. If he can find a way to get back to the country, he says he would take it.

“I am always looking for what jobs will take me there,” he said. “My son has just gotten into surfing and can’t wait to get over there and has all of these breaks he wants to get to.”

He explained what Aussies and Texans have in common. It makes sense why he would like to make it his second home. “Australians love the outdoors, you have to at least respect and understand it if you are going to live over there because everything bites in the sky, the sea, or the land,” he joked.

Above all else, Matthew McConaughey says it comes down to humor. “And you’ve got a great sense of humor. You love having a good crack at someone else but you love even more having a good crack at yourself at your own expense.”

Now 52-years-old, McConaughey spent time in Australia for a year in 1988. There he lived by himself and worked six different jobs. He spent a lot of time learning about life before returning to the states.

Matthew McConaughey Talks About Life Lessons Down Under

Over the years, it seems that McConaughey has been able to adapt to any role no matter what it is. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that he has been all around the country and the world. He knows what people are like and that shows in his performances.

While talking about his year as an Aussie, he discussed how valuable the experience was for him personally. “I begun to realize how valuable and enduring that year in Australia was for me, how I wouldn’t be the man I am today, unless I had taken that year,” he explained. “How I wouldn’t have learned the lessons if I would’ve come home early.”

If that year in Australia helped to make Matthew McConaughey who he is today, then we here at Outsider sure are glad he did it. If he hadn’t, who knows what great roles and characters we would have never known. Just one of those small things that can change a lot of history very quickly.