Matthew McConaughey Details Wild Story From When His Dad Died… and It’s Too Much

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for HISTORY)

Years after his father’s unexpected passing, Matthew McConaughey detailed a wild story about when the death occurred and, it’s a bit much.

During his recent appearance on the WTF With Marc Maron, Matthew McConaughey spoke about how his father died while having sex. 

“I found out later that when the ambulance came to get him at the house,” Matthew McConaughey explained. “Obviously all the neighbors came out on the street,” he explained. “And they came and told me later that my mom, in her negligee nighty that she had woken up in, wouldn’t let the paramedics cover him. She kept ripping the sheets off going, ‘Uh-uh, I want the world to see why his nickname was Big Jim, don’t you cover him.’”

Matthew McConaughey opened up about his father’s passing in his 2020 memoir Greenlights. “I got a call from my mom,” he wrote. “‘Your dad died.’ My knees buckled. I couldn’t believe it. He was my dad. Nobody or nothing could kill him. Except for mom. He’d always told me and my brothers, ‘Boys, when I go, I’m gonna be makin’ love to your mother.’ And that’s what happened. He had a heart attack when he climaxed.”

Matthew McConaughey then wrote full details about his father’s death. “When he woke up that morning at 6:30, feeling frisky, he made love to the woman he had divorced twice, and married three times. His wife, Kay, my mom. He had a heart attack when he climaxed. Yes, he called his shot all right.”

Matthew McConaughey then shared that losing his father was his most seminal “rite of passage” into manhood. “No more safety net. No one above the law and government looking after me anymore. It was time for me to grow up. Time to say goodbye to the boy I’d been, building tree houses in the middle of the night.”

PEOPLE reported in mid-September, Matthew McConaughey discussed his father’s advice on consent while on Amanda de Cadenet’s podcast The Conversation: About the Men.

“[My father is] talking to me as his son, as a male in this situation, and speaking to me about a heterosexual relationship,” Matthew McConaughey explained. “He says, ‘If you ever feel the girl the female hesitate, stop.’”

Matthew McConaughey also noted that his father told him, “You may feel them hesitate and then after you stop then they go, ‘Oh no, no c’mon.’ Don’t. Wait until next time.” 

The actor agreed with his father’s advice. “And he was right. I got in circumstances where I was like, ‘Nah nah nah, okay, I’m out’ and then saying, ‘Okay, cool, I’m out.’ The girl went, ‘Oh, well, no c’mon,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no.’ And he said, ‘Trust you’ll have another day if it’s to be.’”