Matthew McConaughey Dons Green in Epic Year One Celebration of Verde

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

There is one thing about Matthew McConaughey, he is going to rep Texas at all times. That includes his beloved Austin Verde. The Austin FC competes in Major League Soccer and McConaughey is a big fan.

Always one to support a Texas sports team, the actor took to Twitter recently. He shared a picture from earlier in the season featuring himself with a drum. He helped hype the crowd up before a game earlier this year. It’s just been a year since the team began playing, now the sky is the limit if you ask McConaughey.

“To #Verde faithful – for dedication in year ONE – phenomenal support from [the] city of Austin – now we have 99 to go. #Listos @AustinFC @MLS,” the tweet read.

It was back during the home opener when Matthew McConaughey donned that green suit and drum. He was more than happy to get the crowd going before their first game. At the Q2 Stadium, fans filled the seats and cheered for Austin FC against San Jose. While that first game ended in a draw, they had a decent season.

The rallying cries for fans are “Verde” and “Listos”. They are the Spanish words for green and ready. Before and during games, fans yell the chants to pump some energy into the crowd. Oh, it just so happens that McConaughey is a minority owner in the Austin FC franchise. However, he has put a lot of effort into becoming a true fan of the sport.

In McConaughey’s tweet, he makes a reference to 99 years to go. That comes from a comment he made about the franchise earlier this year in April. It was then when the actor spoke with KXAN that the franchise is in a “100-year war.” He has high hopes for his team. Now they just have 99 years to go.

Matthew McConaughey’s Austin FC Wins Final Home Game

Today marks the final home game of the inaugural season. Austin FC made their way through their first regular season, with just one away game remaining after tonight. They are not headed to the playoffs this year. Matthew McConaughey believes in this team it seems though.

They are looking to land on a high note to end the season. Austin is taking on Sporting KC. In the first half of the game, they were able to sink two goals. That includes the fastest goal in the history of the franchise. If they are able to win this game, it will be a win against a playoff-bound team. To end the season, the final away game of the year will be up against Portland.

Matthew McConaughey is going to be at more Austin FC games. You can bet on that. He supports his teams strongly. With an interest in this one specifically, it makes sense that he would promote them whenever he can.