Matthew McConaughey Drops a New Music Video for Texas Longhorns-Themed Song

by Suzanne Halliburton
Tim Warner/Getty Images

Academy-award-winning Matthew McConaughey really stretched his talents with his latest project. We expect the actor to do movies or maybe a quality show for the small screen.

But a music video? Nope, that wasn’t on the Lone Star bingo card. But the Texan released his video Wednesday night just as his favorite men’s basketball team tipped off against the No. 2 college basketball team in the country.

Matthew McConaughey wasn’t kidding around with this video, either. And no, he didn’t just riff on the name of the Moody Center. That’s how he started “Bless the Mood,” when the University of Texas athletic department christened the Moody Center. McConaughey donated money and helped design the new arena, which is home to the UT men’s and women’s basketball teams and so many high-profile concerts.

For Wednesday’s men’s game pitting the 11th-ranked Longhorns against No. 2 Gonzaga, McConaughey posted his video to his social media accounts. Take a listen and come back for more revealin’, revivin’ and testifyin.’

See, this was a serious Matthew McConaughey music video for his uplifting love song for the UT basketball teams. The actor does a lot of speaking and not much singing on the video. But the other singers and musicians are legit as McConaughey brought them in from the state’s vibrant music scene.

Charlie Sexton produced the video. The Spiritualettes, a Texas gospel group, also sang, along with Melat Kassa. Sexton played lead guitar, with Raul Vallejo on trumpet, Carlos Sosa on saxophone and Anthony Ferrell on keyboard. Plus, JJ Johnson played the drums, while Elijah Ford was on bass.

McConaughey seems to be playing a Longhorn sports evangelist in this music video. The rest of it showed clips from the men’s basketball team, making it more of a hype video than something you’d listen to in the car.

Matthew McConaughey did the music video, while Texas coach Chris Beard and guard Tyrese Hunter helped lead the Longhorns over Gonzaga. (Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

And maybe the video was partly responsible for that mauling at Moody Center. The Texas men picked up a resounding 93-74 victory against the No. 2 team in the country. Sure, the NCAA tournament selection committee, which meets next March, won’t be putting much stock in November wins. But it’s going to be difficult to ignore this win, no matter what unfolds the rest of the season.

So Matthew McConaughey, take a bow. His fans loved the song as well. They spliced it, diced it and memed it.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “There’s only 1 thing I like about UT athletics and that is Matthew McConaughey. Well done man.” Another begged McConaughey to run for governor.

Then a fan reminded everyone “Fellas, the legend has struck again!”