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Matthew McConaughey Encourages You to Dream ‘Big Dreams’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for HISTORY)

From acting to whiskey to owning a Major League Soccer team, Matthew McConaughey knows what a little self-belief and dreams can do. That’s why he is telling fans to dream “big dreams,” for their own lives on his 52nd birthday!

Over on Instagram, the actor spoke on video. He talked about dreams and turning those dreams into reality. Making goals and following through on them. There likely isn’t much that McConaughey hasn’t been able to achieve when he puts his own mind to it.

“Dream Big Dreams is how we make a better tomorrow for ourselves, for our family, for the world. It’s not a reality just because you dream it,” McConaughey began. “But you gotta have that dream out there that seems to be fiction when you think of it. But, a day at a time if you stay on the path to get there all of a sudden it turns out to be truth. A reality you’ve created an impression out of your own reality and you’ve achieved it.”

Then the actor spoke about looking back on your life in the future. What we are able to say we accomplished means a lot as we get older. Matthew McConaughey has a lot to look back on. However, he hopes those watching the video do as well.

“At the end of our life, we look back and we say hey, how many of those did I achieve? How many of those dreams, big dreams that I dreamed did I actually get to and make a reality? That’s as good as it gets.”

Matthew McConaughey Helping Dreams Come True in NC

While Matthew McConaughey is usually a Texas guy, he couldn’t help but reach out and help a North Carolina musician looking to make their dreams a reality. When the actor gives these motivational speeches and talks, he is doing it out of a life of experience and knowledge. After all, he is a professor of practice at the Moody College of Communication in Austin, TX.

In a collaboration with Wild Turkey, the whiskey brand and the award-winning actor set out to make a difference. So, they went after local legends in music. That led them to Charlotte singer and guitar player, Justin Fedor. He was one of the lucky folks to receive $10k to donate to his favorite music-related charity.

With that money from Matthew McConaughey, Fedor chose to donate his money to Drums For Cures. It is an organization that the musician has apparently worked with over the years. In the past, he has also put together a tribute dedicated to John Prine as well as one dedicated to Black Artists.