Matthew McConaughey on Future Run for Office: ‘Not Going to Say No Forever’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for HISTORY)

Matthew McConaughey has danced the line of politics for some time now, often mentioning running for political office. Though it hasn’t happened yet and it doesn’t seem to be an immediate concern, he says he is “Not going to say no forever.”

Appearing on the TODAY Show, Matthew McConaughey fielded questions from Hoda Kotb. At one point, Kotb asks if he could peer into a crystal ball, would the answer to him running for office remain a no? “I’m not going to say no forever,” his reply began.

“No, I’m not going to say no forever,” McConaughey continued. “Absolutely not. But this last year and a half just… considering that sacred position, running for Governor of the state of Texas. I was talking to you before the show, this has been a very conscientious and earnest year and it’s a process I’m very happy I went through because I became very aware of what matters to me.”

Matthew McConaughey rounds out the question reflecting on the process and expressing his respect for the position. “What I think is best for me and the most amount of people at the same time. Um, it was a wonderful process, so I’m not going to say never, no, politics is a sacred spot that I have great honor for.”

It seems Covid and what has happened since then proved to be an enlightening experience for the actor. Though it seems political office isn’t an immediate possibility, he seems enthusiastic for it, but only when he thinks he’s ready.

Matthew McConaughey Recently Announced He Isn’t Running for Texas Governor

Matthew McConaughey’s TODAY Show interview comes hot off the heels of an announcement he made a few weeks ago. Posting a brief clip on his social media channels, he officially announced he isn’t running for Governor of Texas, at least, for now.

Hoda Kotb asked McConaughey if he planned to say “no” forever regarding political office because he’s talked about the idea on and off for a few years now. While suggesting he might do so soon, he explicitly said on Twitter that isn’t the case a few weeks ago.

“For the past two years, I’ve been working on the question of how I could be most useful in this life going forward,” McConaughey explained. “Useful to myself, useful to my family, and the most amount of people. One category of service that I have been exploring is politics.”

Continuing, he said he’s going to help people by supporting businesses and entrepreneurs. After all, that’s the American Dream, right? He wants to help “Establishments that I believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life. Organizations that have a mission to serve and build trust. While also generating prosperity. That’s the American Dream.”