Matthew McConaughey Gives Danica Patrick Advice on How to Make Life ‘As Good as It Gets’

by Will Shepard

Danica Patrick, on Thursday, January 14, had Matthew McConaughey on her “Pretty Intense” podcast. The two talk for over an hour about all things life.

However, during the show, as typical conversations with McConaughey seem to go, life advice was a centerpiece. In particular, McConaughey shares how to make your own life the best it can possibly be.

Matthew McConaughey is arguably one of the most influential life coaches out there. Even though he is an actor primarily, he also teaches a film class at the University of Texas. That class is certainly one of the most popular classes at the school, and for good reason.

So, it seems appropriate that he can give excellent life advice to anyone. During the show, McConaughey launches into a fantastic spiel about how to make life as good as possible.

Danica Patrick and Matthew McConaughey Talking About Life

Danica Patrick begins a Matthew McConaughey life advice monologue by posing a question about life’s goals. She ponders whether doing things in life that interest you teach you as well.

“The things that I judge represent the things that I’m denying in myself. So say that you want something, if you can, sort of, feed that urge, you can either appease it and learn where you find the balance is for you. Or, it just shifts your trajectory. Right? Or, you either come back. Either way, you’re learning and you’re becoming more whole by scratching the itch.”

Matthew McConaughey pauses for a moment before answering. As he answers, his train of thoughts runs on, but his answer is clear and concise. He believes that those people who constantly work on their dreams learn the most.

“Yes, and I think even more so, to jump on the backside of what you just said, which is a life full of scratching your itches is as good as it gets. That’s it. If we can find new itches, we don’t want to have the same itch all the time, because that’s like, why do I keep doing the same thing all the time?

Continuing to Scratch the Never Ending Itch

More importantly, McConaughey points out that there is never true satisfaction is life. There is always something more to reach for, always something to improve upon.

“But we can add a little bit of evolution. And, as we get a little bit better, we can reach a goal. What happens when we reach a goal? You don’t go, ‘Oh I did it,’ you go, ‘Well, here comes a hundred new challenges. I got a hundred new itches.’ Or that original itch becomes a bigger itch because you got to that next itch.”

Profoundly, Matthew McConaughey says that he is never one to sit back and rest on his laurels. Rather, he wants to go out and get more things done. He is never completely stationary, instead, he is always moving. Even though there are some who feel content with one thing in life, that isn’t him.

“I think the idea that once you scratch that itch, most of us think that then it’s over. No, that won’t go away too. If you have any ambition, that one’s going away. Look, I admire people that go ‘no man, I got my frequency I don’t want anymore or less, I’m staying right here.’ I’m like, ‘Man, really? Well, okay… bravo.’ They can be like that, but I’m not one of those people. I’m like, ‘Well, what’s next?'”

So, it seems that the moral of McConaughey’s words is to scratch every itch there is. Always look to improve yourself with new goals and look at life positively.

During the interview, they talk all about his life and what makes him tick.

Along with his acting and teaching, he has a book out called “Greenlights.” Essentially, the book covers a lot of what McConaughey says while talking to Patrick. But, it also details his life story – a memoir.