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Matthew McConaughey Gives His Son a Haircut in New Pic, Gets Trolled Hard

by Craig Garrett
Matthew McConaughey
(Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It seems Matthew McConaughey isn’t alight, alight, alight as a barber, according to an image posted of the actor cutting his son’s hair. On Sunday, wife Camila Alves shared an Instagram photo of the True Detective star shearing his son Livingston’s head with a pair of scissors. While McConaughey attended to his task, Livingston eyed him warily while brother Levi kept watch nearby.

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“Then this happened…,” Alves captioned the photo of McConaughey and his sons. Of course, Instagram users had to weigh in on just how proficient the actor was with his scissors. Since the shot appeared to show a work in progress, it’s tough to tell just what the outcome would’ve been. This murky nature of the photo has left the fans divided.

“Why o why – Matthew has many talents – but I guess haircuts isn’t one of them,” one fan declared in the comments. “Oh noooo! Not the dreaded “dad haircut”!!!!,” another fan joked. Another user wasn’t having any of this DIY haircutting, though. “Stop it. Seriously, have a professional take care of it,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, other fans seemed open to the idea that McConaughey may have discovered a hidden talent. “My mom did that to me one time and I ended up with a pixie. But yours looks stunning,” one positive fan shared. “We can add hairstylist to Matthew’s résumé! Liv’s expression is so funny,” another wrote. Finally, Yellowstone‘s Rip Wheeler (and new PBR pitchman) even weighed in on the new hairdo. “Looking good boys!” Cole Hauser commented.

So far, there’s been no follow-up pictures concerning McConaughey’s son and his new haircut. As of this writing, it’s impossible to know if anyone else in the family was subjected to the actor’s shearing skills.

McConaughey shares how becoming a parent changed him as an actor

Matthew has been open about how becoming a dad enabled him to see life from an entirely different perspective. “You ever felt more clean, clear, and masculine than the birth of your first child?” he pondered with Howard Stern in 2017. “A man should double down on anything he’s thinking about in his life, in those months following right when they have a kid.

He fondly remembered the day Levi was born. “I just said, wow, look how exciting my life is… I have more joy, I laugh louder, I have more pain, I have more sadness—but man, it’s dynamic.”

The Killer Joe star also admitted that becoming a father changed his mind about what parts to take. “I’m like going, ‘My work is not challenging. It’s not near as exciting as my life!’ And I said, rather be that way than the other way. But, let’s take some time out to maybe find some work that scares me or turns me on as much as my life’s turning me on.”