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Matthew McConaughey Hilariously Talks His Reputation for Smelling Good

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

When an actor is in the business long enough, small details about them emerge. Oftentimes, their co-stars will let details slip. Over time, those small details add up to a mythos that surrounds the star for the rest of their days. For instance, when Kevin Smith finally had the chance to direct Bruce Willis, we learned that the Die Hard star is a nightmare to work with. However, not all small tidbits are so disappointing. The one detail that we keep hearing about Matthew McConaughey is that he always smells great.

That really doesn’t come as a huge surprise, does it? After all, Matthew McConaughey exudes this strange kind of laid-back sophistication. Additionally, he spent years as the go-to guy for romantic comedies. As a result, he found himself getting close to some of the biggest female stars in the business. Most of them have reported that he always smells heavenly. So, that has led many people to wonder how to copy his scent.

Recently Matthey McConaughey appeared on Kyle & Jackie O, one of Australia’s biggest radio talk shows. During that interview, he talked about his book Greenlights and more. At one point, Jackie O wanted to know what scent he wore to make him smell good enough to make his female co-stars comment on it time and again.

Why Does Matthew McConaughey Smell So Good?

“So, you have been in quite a few rom-coms with leading ladies and all of your leading ladies say how great you smell.” She went on to say that she’s always wondered what he wears. However, she can’t imagine Matthew McConaughey wearing “standard aftershave.” Instead, she said that she assumed he made his own “concoctions” from scented oils.

Matthew McConaughey confirmed Jackie’s assumption. “I’ve made concoctions,” he said. Then, injecting a bit of the Texas charm that we all know and love, he said, “You knew I was a mixologist, didn’t you?”  

Unfortunately, Matthew McConaughey’s publicist cut the interview short a few seconds later. In the clip, you can hear her say that time is up. The hosts protest, but the interview ends all the same. Could it be that time was really up? Or could it be something more?

Is Matthew McConaughey so protective of his secret smell enhancer that his publicist knows to kill an interview if questions about his scent of choice get too probing? Is Texas’ Minister of Culture trying to build an air of mystery around his specially-blended cologne? Probably not. Most likely, the time just flew by.

The thing is, not all scents smell good on everyone. So, you’ve got to find something that matches your natural scent and body chemistry. McConaughey probably took time to figure out which scents match his innate smell the best and leaned on that knowledge. So, chances are, no one would be able to copy his smell.