Matthew McConaughey Hints At Potential Plans to Wrestle with WWE

by Atlanta Northcutt

Is Matthew McConaughey keeping the world weird in 2021 by becoming a WWE wrestler?

At this point, anything’s possible. The 51-year-old Oscar winner could possibly be seen performing a chokeslam in the WWE squared circle in the future. Stranger things have happened.

Could It Be? McConaughey in the WWE?

A recent interview with Maria Menounos on her Better Together podcast has led to questions about if the movie star will actually begin wrestling.

While speaking with Menounos, he brings up being a fan of WWE. He then says, “I’ll say not too much because as you know, you can’t say too much about these things, but it is something that interests me.”

The Actor Shares Love of Wrestling With Kids

Although Matthew is a jokester, his love for wrestling does, in fact, run deep. He’s talked about his love of professional wrestling. In the past, he’s admitted to being a fan of the World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas when he was younger.

He is continuing that legacy by passing on his affection for wrestling to his three children he has with wife Camila Alves.

McConaughey describes watching wrestling on TV with Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, 7.

“‘I love the suspension [of] disbelief that because my kids and I watch and they’re starting to get that when they go “Oh this is fake,'” says Matthew.

“I’m going: ‘What are you talking about? No way!'” he adds.

“And they’re starting to get – because I won’t give them the wink yet, but they’re starting to get that in there there’s a bit of one you know, and then, so two of them, two of them are like: ‘This isn’t fake, well, this is real,'” the actor continues. “So they’re gettin’ it, and that’s so much of the fun of it, it’s coming up this, this is real.”

Stirring the pot, WWE wrote, “McConaughey was recently spotted in the WWE ThunderDome cheering on a Drew McIntyre victory. Could his next encounter with the WWE Universe come inside the squared circle?”

However, it is factual that the movie star was viewed in WWE’s virtual audience. He was seen cheering for champion Drew McIntyre during his defeat of The Miz.

Introducing to the Ring: “Alright, Alright, Alright”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the actor does become a part of the WWE. If so, what will his official wrestling name be? Perhaps, “Alright, Alright, Alright” or something in regards to what he loves about high school girls.