Matthew McConaughey Hit Film in Talks for Netflix Adaptation

by Maggie Schneider

A Matthew McConaughey classic is in talks for a new series adaptation. That’s right, fans! Netflix is looking to give The Gentlemen the streaming green light.

The 2019 feature film “follows an American marijuana kingpin in England who is looking to sell his business, setting off a chain of blackmail and schemes to undermine him.” Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey Pearson, the leader of London’s biggest marijuana empire. Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, and Hugh Grant are also a part of the star-studded cast.

Now, Netflix is in talks to turn the film’s plot into a series on the platform. Originally written to be a series, the new The Gentlemen is written and directed by the same team. Guy Ritchie is on board as screenwriter and director. Matthew Read is a co-writer, MiraMax TV and Moonage Pictures are producing the project. Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies and Bill Block are back as well.

Fans are posting their reactions to this news on social media. “PLEASE be about Colin Ferrell’s character,” @Oryan_Bridges writes. “This was one of the movies that a good few people missed out on that was a good a** time start to finish,” @Willydawildcat adds.

Matthew McConaughey Gives Big Shout Out for New Beer

Matthew McConaughey loves supporting up-and-coming businesses and brands. Now, he is showing his appreciation for Troy Aikman’s beer, EIGHT. Only available in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is sharing his new venture with his home state. McConaughey shows his Texas pride in a supportive Instagram video post.

“That’s going to work. That’s going to work, especially in the summertime, which is coming time. Thank you Troy. This is damn good beer,” he says.

Troy Aikman reshares McConaughey’s video clip and captions it “Texas icon approved.”

The Texas beer is produced in Austin. First sold exclusively in bars, the alcoholic beverage is now available in local grocery stores. The goal is for the beer brand to become a nationwide product. “If we go beyond the borders of Texas, then we’ll all be excited because that means that there’s a need and demand outside the state.”

With McConaughey’s approval, it looks like the beer could go big sooner rather than later. Outlets such as Fox Sports are already publicizing the Quarterback’s new venture.

Fans on Instagram are getting in on the action too. The hype is certainly real! “McConaughey approved = Texas approved. lol Drink 8,” one says. “That’s gonna work. ‘My new line to describe a great beer. Let’s get Eight to Chicago Troy!'” another adds.

For more information, head over to the beer brand’s website. You must be 21 or older to enjoy responsibly.