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Matthew McConaughey Honors His Mom on Her 90th Birthday

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage)

The holiday season may be behind us now, but that doesn’t mean the party is over for the McConaugheys. The “Interstellar” actor’s mom celebrated her 90th birthday this week.

On his personal Twitter account, the Oscar winner wrote, “Ma Mac McConaughey at 90 today— livin on joy, forgiveness, resistance, and ‘not being able to imagine not being here.’ – Happy birthday mom.” He attached an awesome photo with his mother rocking a sash that read “90 & Fabulous.”

Fans loved the message by McConaughey for his mother on her special day. One fan wrote, “What a lovely lady. Happy birthday to your mum. Hope you and your brothers have spoiled her with lots of lovely gifts. Also spent a great day together making lots of amazing memories to cherish.”

Another fan wrote, “Alright Alright Alright! Happy birthday!”

Matthew McConaughey on ‘Greenlights’

There is a lot of reasons to celebrate in the McConaughey household these days. Not only for Matthew’s mother and her big day but also the success of some of his other projects. Like his book ‘Greenlights’.

McConaughey’s book has been a big-time hit. He spoke to the New York Times recently and said, “I think there’s a lot of responsible freedom in my book. It hit ’em going, Hey, I can work to be a good man, but I can still have fun. It speaks to a masculinity that does say, ‘I’m vulnerable but also got a big ego.’ It’s OK to have both. We got angels and devils, and instead of suppressing the old devil and saying, ‘You don’t exist.’ Look him in the eye and go, ‘You bugger, you’re half of me. ‘”

McConaughey wants to have honest conversations about “responsible freedom” and understand how to tackle what makes us both human and imperfect. It’s understanding that both are there and getting OK with that.

He concluded, “So when I say responsible freedom — take responsibility today to have more freedom tomorrow. Now, that sounds like McConaughey’s putting me to work. But I look back and go, Because I did choose responsibility, son of a gun if I didn’t get this reward because I took that risk, because I went to Peru or Mali chasing a wet dream.”

Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights” is available now wherever books are sold.