Matthew McConaughey Implores Others to ‘Build More’ in Epic Photo from the Outdoors

by Suzanne Halliburton

Is Matthew McConaughey campaigning? His Instagram post certainly keeps up his theme of working together.

The actor posted a photo Friday showing him in hiking gear, wearing a mask and standing on a natural bridge, i.e. a rock formation. It’s unclear where he is. His fans were speculating Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Ariz. There is a mountain in the background. Earlier this week, McConaughey posted a photo of his Air Stream. He used to live in it back in his bachelor days.

Matthew McConaughey captioned his photo with something very on brand. “on a bridge, build more.”

Matthew McConaughey Is Flirting with Political Run: So Is That What the Post Is About?

Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award winner for Best Actor. And at 51, he’s still one of the country’s top leading men. But he’s ventured on a different path the last year or so. He and his wife and three children already moved permanently back to Austin, the Texas state capital. He’s now a professor at the University of Texas, his alma mater, teaching classes in the college of communication.

And McConaughey also has been promoting his new book, Greenlights. Generally, when a political candidate wants to run for higher office, he or she writes a book as a pretext to a campaign.

McConaughey has teased a run for governor of Texas. The New York Times even weighed in on his candidacy earlier this month with an op-ed and the headline “Could Matthew McConaughey Be All Right, All Right, All Right for Texas?” For the record, a Texan wrote the column.

However, he has yet to declare the bare minimum, like whether he’s a Democrat or Republican. McConaughey prefers the middle and talks about bringing people together. So posting Friday about natural bridges makes total McConaughey sense.

He told Fox News he was “aggressively centric,” and wouldn’t reveal if he voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Yet, he also lives and thrives in Austin, which is a deep blue city in a red state.

Actor Is Leading in One Poll with Double-Digit Advantage

McConaughey definitely is exploring the idea of running. There currently are few polls testing any candidate’s temperature with the electorate. Primaries aren’t even until next spring. But a poll conducted last month by the Dallas Morning News showed McConaughey with a lead over current Governor Greg Abbott. In the poll, 45 percent of registered voters said they’d support McConaughey. Abbott’s support registered 33. Abbott is a Republican.

Former President George W Bush also weighed in on McConaughey. Bush, the former Texas governor, wasn’t taking anyone’s side.

“I met him one time,” Bush said of Matthew McConaughey. “I’ll tell you one thing: He’s charismatic. Now whether or not he can put up with all the noise, all the rubber chicken circus, you know all the stuff that goes on.

“The criticism can be pretty harsh,” Bush said. “And the question would be does he have a set of principles firm enough to not worry about what the critics say?”

That brings us back to Friday’s post. Was it an innocuous hiking photo as McConaughey spends time waiting for the next Austin FC match? (He’s part-owner of the team and soccer is his new passion after the Texas Longhorns). Or did building a bridge apply to some loftier goal. You never can tell.