Matthew McConaughey Is Feeling Tropical in New Photo

by Matthew Memrick

Actor and social icon Matthew McConaughey looked a little tropical in a new Instagram photo with surfing legend Kelly Slater.

Florida native Slater won the Billabong Pro Pipeline in Hawaii, and McConaughey checked out the festivities. Slater won the event for the eighth time over four decades.

Slater, if you can believe it, turns 50 on Feb. 11. For a social media post, the 52-year-old McConaughey posed in a photo with the longtime surfer and his event prize, a surfboard.

It totally makes sense for the Texan to be there. McConaughey famously played a surfer in 2008’s “Surfer, Dude” and has surfed in a few past movies.

Matthew McConaughey The Astronaut?

Is McConaughey taking a break from acting? Well, yes and no. Recently, when his animated movie “Sing 2” came out, he said he wanted to spend some more time with his wife and children.

But you can’t keep him totally out of the entertainment fun.

The Texan has his own Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming big game between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. According to the website Ad Age, it also runs during the Winter Olympics.

In the Salesforce ad spot, Matthew McConaughey plays an astronaut for the company’s “Team Earth” campaign. Its theme revolves around the need for “businesses and individuals to rally around a fair and more sustainable future.” 

McConaughey starts the ad by talking about space with the typical Also Sprach Zarathustra song from “2001: Space Oddessy” music in the background. Then, he makes fun of the billionaires trying to conquer space (Jeff Bezos, cough, cough).‘

Then, as the commercial and McConaughey float along in a hot air balloon, the astronaut quickly realizes he is more fond of what earth has to offer.

McConaughey will also serve as the company’s newest brand advisor.

Fan’s Impression of McConaughey As Thanos Right On, Right On

The Texas actor tried to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reportedly came close with “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

While he has not landed a role yet, one fan gave viewers an excellent look at how McConaughey would do as Thanos in a TikTok video. reported on the clip.

TikTok user @conajam_, imagined how McConaughey would deliver some of the MCU character’s maniacal monologues to a hilarious effect. It’s was spot on.


Reply to @crls_lpz_ if matthew mcconaughey did the Taken monologue

♬ original sound – Conajam

McConaughey came close to playing Ego the Living Planet in that aforementioned movie. Though he inspired the official concept art, the actor turned it down to play Randall Flagg in the 2017 “The Dark Tower” film based on the Stephen King noel.

Longtime actor Kurt Russell got the role instead.

The website also mentioned McConaughey liked both Marvel and DC universes for a future role in 2015. But he admitted the script had to be right. And since we know the actor won’t do sequels, it would really have to be right. Alright?