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Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson Talk Unfortunate Kissing Scenes

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson have starred in a handful of movies together, several of which see them kissing. Speaking to one another in a call recently, the two reflected on the fact all their kissing scenes seem to be under unfortunate circumstances.

Matthew McConaughey posted a short clip of the call this morning to Twitter, with him and Kate Hudson laughing about how tragic their kissing scenes always seem to be. Longing for a normal situation where the two can share an intimate moment, the duo can’t seem to catch a break.

For reference, McConaughey’s comment about a “worst kisser list” refers to comments Hudson made about them and their kissing scenes. After the two share laughter, she is quick to correct him by clarifying the circumstances of their kissing scenes are always suboptimal, to put it lightly.

“No, no!” she exclaimed. “No, what I was saying was, was that every time we kiss, we’re always in some… environment that doesn’t allow it to be really romantic. Like a plane crash and we’re like, in waves. I was talking about how we both just had like, snot coming out of our noses and we’re just trying to stay above, trying to be romantic.”

McConaughey agreed, saying “it’s tough to be romantic when the scene is ‘Ok! It’s 45 degrees in the water, but the scene has to start with you both underwater. Then you come up gasping for air, then you see each other and you embrace and go into a kiss.'”

At this point, the two can hardly hold in their laughter. McConaughey does concede it is a bit tough to be romantic under those circumstances. Maybe one day the two will get to kiss under a romantic sunset or something.

Matthew McConaughey Talks About the Key to his Happy Marriage

Though Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson can’t seem to catch a break on-screen, McConaughey doesn’t seem to have that problem with his wife, Camila Alves. In a new interview, he revealed the key to his happy marriage and it’s a simple one too.

Speaking on Australia’s Today Extra, McConaughey joked about things being good with his marriage since Alves “doesn’t want to kick me out.” Getting a bit more serious, he goes to give advice to other couples and explains why his marriage works. In his words, a key phrase to abide by is “Don’t make a straight line crooked.”

Elaborating a bit, he also said “If things are going well, keep catching green lights. If they’re not, deal with them soon so they don’t bubble up and get you later.” It’s relatively straightforward, but easier said than done in some cases.

Basically, don’t fix what isn’t broken, but if something gets that way, address it ASAP until it’s “alright alright alright.”