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Matthew McConaughey’s Kentucky Derby Bourbon Commercial Is Perfectly McConaughey

by Suzanne Halliburton
Rich Polk/Getty Images Wild Turkey

Matthew McConaughey is leaning against on an old oak tree, calling an imaginary Kentucky Derby and likening it to his very own bourbon.

Yes, the commercial for the actor’s Longbranch Bourbon is tres, tres McConaughey. And it has a smidge of Caddy Shack thrown in. Remember when Bill Murray called his own Cinderella Masters story as his groundskeeper character chopped through the mums? Well, this is the McConaughey Derby. Maybe the winner gets a collar decorated with bluebonnets as the jockey and trainer toast with some bourbon.

Plus, let it be known that this Texan is available to call a horse race. He’s certainly got the vernacular down pat.

So, let’s go to the commercial Matthew McConaughey posted on Instagram to toast and promote his Kentucky bourbon. This weekend was a perfect time to do so considering that everyone was in the mood for a mint julep or three after watching Rich Strike win the Kentucky Derby. And every day is a good one to drink bourbon with a splash of water.

“What if there’s a horse named Long Branch,” McConaughey asks the universe, as he breaks into a neigh that sounds like a hmm.

Then the Academy Award-winning actor does some terrific work, changing his voice to sound like an old-school announcer with a nasally, rapid-fire call of a horse race.

“Long Branch out of the gate, detaching from the field,” he says. “You’d better bring your honey, cause here comes the bunny.” Then McConaughey poses that mystical question. After all, his bourbon has morphed into a horse with a long-shot dream. “Is today going to be his big break? I’d bet on it.” And he winks. Classic McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey Bourbon Is Kentucky with a Touch of Texas

Matthew McConaughey does these “wonder, what if” kind of commercials as a way to promote his Kentucky-meets-Texas bourbon.

In the kickoff promo back in 2020, he pondered “what if oak and mesquite were throwing a party at the lake house this weekend. I’d go. (Then he laughs, because McConaughey always is in on the joke even if he’s the only one who understands it.)

Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell worked together on the new Kentucky bourbon. (Rich Polk/Getty Images Wild Turkey )

Here’s what he’s selling. He and Eddie Russell, a master distiller at Wild Turkey, created a “rare, small-batch bourbon.” It’s eight-year-old Wild Turkey that’s “refined with Texas mesquite and oak charcoals for deeper flavor and complexity. The aroma is a balanced blend of vanilla and spice.”

McConaughey joined Wild Turkey as a creative director in 2016. Then he took a side route in 2018 to help create Wild Turkey Long Branch. It’s a perfect infusion that highlights Matthew McConaughey and his Texas roots with classic Kentucky bourbon. We can’t wait for the next commercial.