Matthew McConaughey Narrates New Texas Wildlife Documentary ‘Deep in the Heart’

by Jonathan Howard

Is there anything that Matthew McConaughey can’t and won’t do? He’s the narrator of a new wildlife documentary. Of course, it’s all about Texas. The actor is one of the biggest names in all of entertainment and when it comes to Texans in Hollywood, he’s the end-all-be-all.

The new doc is titled Deep in the Heart and showcases the best of what Texas wildlife has to offer. What’s even better, the folks that made The River and the Wall are behind this new project. With a talent like McConaughey, I’m sure it is going to be well worth watching.

Fin and Fur Films released its documentary on June 3. When you watch, it’s going to be everything that you expect from a nature doc, with the sweet, Texas drawl of Matthew McConaughey guiding the way. If you live in the Lone Star state then this movie is going to be right up your alley. A bit of a celebration of the state and all it offers in nature.

With an emphasis on West Texas, the documentary covers many parts of the state. The folks at Fin and Fur Films say that their film work is “dedicated to using film as a medium to give wildlife a fighting chance and advocate for the preservation of wild places.”

One of the producers is Katy Baldock. She’s excited to show folks all that Texas has to offer, with Matthew McConaughey’s help.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about Texas – that it’s all flat or all a desert,” Baldock explained. “But really it’s such a diverse state with so many different ecosystems and incredible, unique wildlife stories, and we just wanted to show people what’s here.”

Outsiders love a good wildlife documentary, I know that much.

Matthew McConaughey Wildlife Doc Features the Tale of a Black Bear

Not only does Deep in the Heart show off wildlife in a way you would expect, but it also tells stories. That’s the best part of a good wildlife doc, anyway. Seeing the vulnerable mother and baby looking to survive, only to be pounced on by a number of predators and external factors.

One of the stories that are told in the Matthew McConaughey doc is of the black bear species in general. These animals were erased from the state in the early 20th century. Since then, efforts have been made to bring them back. Also, the black bear isn’t the only animal that has returned and rediscovered a home in Texas.

Follow along as they talk about the pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and more. While some of these animals had to have some kind of human intervention to help return, not all did. Some just found themselves coming back within the state’s borders. This looks like an exciting film and one that any wildlife lover is going to be eager to watch.