Matthew McConaughey Once Pretended to Be His Brother at Whataburger

by Suzanne Halliburton

Texans will do anything for a Whataburger. So we totally get why Matthew McConaughey pretended to be his brother to keep it all low key in the drive thru.

The incident happened in 2019 in San Angelo, Texas, which is a 200-mile drive from McConaughey’s home in Austin.

Nobody recognized McConaughey. He definitely doesn’t dress fancy when he’s out and about. So chances are, he blended into the San Angelo drive-thru scene until a Whataburger worked checked out his credit card. It said Matthew McConaughey. Seriously, she asked?

“We asked if he was Matthew McConaughey and he said he was his brother!” Brooklynn Deanne Oden told KXTS TV. “So we started talking to him some more. And he finally says ‘y’all don’t still think I’m his brother, do you?'”

Anybody who pays close attention to McConaughey would know the brother thing was a bluff. He was the youngest son born to Jim and Kay McConaughey. And he’s also a lot younger than his two brothers, Rooster and Patrick. At the time of Matthew’s visit to the San Angelo Whataburger, Rooster owned a ranch about 45 miles outside of town. So maybe he was bringing some food to his brother. That’s probably it. He was being a good brother, not pretending to be him.

“We were all excited because nobody famous really comes to San Angelo like that,” said Whataburger worker Elizabeth Hernandez about the surprise McConaughey experience.

“We were just in shock,” she said. (And) “we kept talking about it when we left work.”

The drive-thru folks finally talked McConaughey into repeating his famous catch phrase (Duh. Think Dazed and Confused.)

“He told me he would say ‘alright, alright, alright’ if we got his food right,” Oden said. “So we triple checked it.”

And Matthew McConaughey, good Texan that he is, posed for photos with the workers at Whataburger. Because grabbing a Whataburger with cheese, a large Coke and a side of fries is good eatin’ in the Lone Star State.

As per usual, McConaughey is enjoying life in Austin. He co-owns Austin FC, the MLS franchise. But the team plays Saturday in Portland. He led the chants for the season opener late last month. There was no pretending to be his brother.

Also this month, McConaughey also helped a friend hype his beer. What could be more fun, right? McConaughey drank a can of Eight than did a video for it. He looked straight in the camera and said:

“That’s going to work. That’s going to work, especially in the summertime, which is coming time. Thank you Troy. This is damn good beer.”

Yep, that friend is Troy Aikman, the legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Aikman launched a new beer earlier this year and is doing taste tests and appearances at bars around the state. Good buzz is literally a good buzz. No need to pretend to be your brother.