Matthew McConaughey Pays Tribute to His Late Dad With Throwback Pic on Father’s Day

by TK Sanders

Actor and gun activist Matthew McConaughey posted a cool throwback picture of himself as a teenager with his father to celebrate Father’s Day. The Hollywood star captioned the photo “made men fathers,” and it shows he and three other men smiling a couple decades ago at least.

Matthew McConaughey has three children with wife Camila Alves. They had their first child, Levi in 2008 and two years later they welcomed their daughter, Vida, in 2010. Two more years later, on December 28, 2012, their son Livingston McConaughey, 8, was born.

McConaughey’s own father, Jim, died in 1992 when the actor was barely out of college. Jim was a football player who played at the University of Kentucky (for Bear Bryant) and then played one season for the Green Bay Packers. Professionally, he worked in the oil industry, and instilled a Southern work ethic in his three sons, Matthew included, which became the foundation for his son’s eventual success.

Matthew, himself, was born in Uvalde, Texas, the small town that just endured a devastating school shooting a few weeks past. Since the shooting, McConaughey, 52, has taken up the role of de facto common sense gun reform advocate.

After spending significant time in Uvalde in the days after the shooting, he began making public appearances calling for red flag laws and tighter background checks.

“‘Something’ has been done in the effort to stop some of the deranged individuals. With every horrific act, [they] abuse and hijack the Second Amendment,” McConaughey said in reference to a new bipartisan Senatorial framework. “‘Something’ has moved. [Now] we hope it will help deliver on our shared effort to make the loss of so many lives matter.”

Matthew McConaughey said he is not running for office, even though he has become a political activist

Speaking from the White House recently, the actor offered a statement of thanks for the people who agreed to this pivotal first step.

“I do offer a firm handshake and a sincere ‘thank you’ to the members on both sides. They came together and laid out this framework that can advance gun responsibility and save lives,” he said.

According to McConaughey, a lot of “hard work” still remains. Real change requires good faith from all Americans, he pointed out.

“Let’s recognize that today’s announcement doesn’t mean we have a solution, but it does support more responsible gun ownership. There is still a lot of hard work for both parties; so let’s continue to encourage everyone at the table to act in good faith. And let’s give them our support to get this job done,” McConaughey said.

As for political aspirations of his own, McConaughey said nothing is in his immediate future.

“I am not running for political office,” he said on Fox News. “I’m here because on the 24th of May I got news that there was a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. As I said earlier, I went home and hugged the kids that night; and held onto them a little bit longer and tighter than usual. The next morning, we loaded up and went down to Uvalde [for about five or six days].”