Matthew McConaughey Poses in Moody Bathrobe Pic Dropping Cryptic Message Amid Talks of Potential Governor’s Run

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matthew McConaughey loves big, philosophical conversations. It’s the way he talks, especially with all the buzz about whether the Oscar winner will run for Texas governor.

His tweet Tuesday was no exception. It was cryptic. Matthew McConaughey was wearing a bathrobe as he sat in front of a stone wall. An old-school radio was next to him. It’s caption? “heard.”

Take a look. We think we know what he means, since we can translate McConaughey.

Did You Know Matthew McConaughey Is Huge Soccer Fan?

Think you got it? Most likely, Matthew McConaughey is cheerleading for soccer in this tweet. It’s likely a subtweet to celebrate Marshall.

Back in 2006, McConaughey starred in the movie We Are Marshall. It was a sports drama set in 1970 and based on real-life events. McConaughey played Jack Lengyel, the coach who was tasked with bringing back the Marshall football team after a devastating plane crash.

On Nov. 14, 1970, a plane chartered by Marshall crashed just short of a West Virginia runway. All 75 people on board were killed. The passengers were all involved with the Marshall football team. There were 37 players, the athletic director, head coach, six assistants, the sports information director and the radio play-by-play man on board.

Guess What Marshall Did Monday Night?

Matthew McConaughey played the coach tasked with rebuilding the team and healing the community. That made McConaughey a de facto part of the Thundering Herd athletic department. And you know what Marshall did Monday night? The Thundering Herd won the NCAA men’s soccer championship with an upset of Indiana. Although McConaughey is the Minister of Culture for the University of Texas, it’s OK for him to cheat on the Longhorns. UT doesn’t have a varsity men’s soccer team.

Did you know Matthew McConaughey is an avid soccer fan? He’s made it his business to be one. McConaughey is a minority owner of Austin F.C., the new expansion franchise in the MSL. And he’s a huge public cheerleader and soccer ambassador in Austin.

Politico Reported McConaughey Is Testing Interest with Donors

Now, getting back to Texas and a possible run for governor. Politico reported earlier this week that Matthew McConaughey is making calls to potential donors, testing their interest in whether they’d support him in the race. The political site said McConaughey called at least one moderate Republican in the energy business.

Karl Rove, a top political consultant for George W. Bush for his runs for Texas governor and president, had an opinion on McConaughey’s potential campaign. “I find it improbable, ” Rove told Politico. “But it’s not out of the question.”

McConaughey has teased a run for governor of Texas for months. The New York Times even weighed in on his candidacy earlier in May with an op-ed and the headline “Could Matthew McConaughey Be All Right, All Right, All Right for Texas?” For the record, a Texan wrote the column.

However, he has yet to declare the bare minimum, like whether he’s a Democrat or Republican. Texas is a red state, but McConaughey lives in dark blue Austin. He always describes himself as a centrist.

Stay tuned.