Matthew McConaughey Posts Heartfelt Tribute to the Troops in Honor of Veterans Day

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

On Veterans Day, we honor those that gave everything. Matthew McConaughey made sure to put out a message for those that have served. The actor has been all around the world and has always taken time to support the men and women in uniform. Today, above all days, especially.

You have probably seen all kinds of messages and well wishes on Friday. Veterans Day has a long and rich history in the United States. Matthew McConaughey joined the choir of well-wishers with his own post. Much like everything he does, it was true to him.

Simple, short, and to the point, but filled with meaning and emotion – that’s how McConaughey does things.

“With honor, respect, and gratitude,” the actor’s caption reads.

There really isn’t anything that Matthew McConaughey hasn’t done or couldn’t do if you ask me. The actor is beloved for his authenticity and he’s always putting it on display. His Veterans Day post wasn’t the longest or most detailed. He didn’t have a big story to tell.

However, McConaughey centered the post around what it needed to be centered on. Threw in a great photo to go with the theme of the day and kept it simple. When you think of “alright, alright, alright,” it’s simple and profound all at once, is it not?

Pretty soon the actor might find himself with a new accolade.

Matthew McConaughey Could Buy Washington Commanders

Right now, the Washington Commanders look like they are going to be sold. It’s just a matter of when and not if now, and there’s an interesting group forming. The word came out that Jeff Bezos was interested in purchasing the team. He’s been interested in owning an NFL franchise for some time.

However, joining up with Bezos could potentially be Matthew McConaughey and Jay-Z. When you think of big names, those are three of the biggest in the world.

So, there could be some new owners in Washington D.C. soon. McConaughey sure hopes that the deal can go through. There’s going to be a lot more around the Commanders eventual sale. The actor has already gone in as a part-owner of Austin F.C. The MLS team has performed well. While those are two different football games, perhaps McConaughey can bring those winning ways to Washington.