Matthew McConaughey Posts Legendary Snap With Will Ferrell Ahead of Legends vs. Angels FC Matchup

by Jonathan Howard

What could bring two legends of entertainment like Matthew McConaughey and Will Ferrell together? The most popular sport in the world. Soccer. By now, fans of McConaughey should know that he has a love for all things Texas. That includes the Austin FC team. AKA, the Legends. On the other hand, Ferrell is all in on the Angels of Los Angeles.

This is a match that could have some implications in the standings. Currently, LAFC stands at the top of the Western Conference. 7-2-2 on the year with 23 goals for and 12 goals against them this year. They have 23 points in the standings. Meanwhile, Austin is down in third in the conference. 6-3-2 and with 23 goals for and 11 goals against, respectively.

Check out this awesome photo that the two actors took together. The match will take place at 10:30 PM EST. A late one for those east of the Mississippi, but worth watching if you can.

“Legends vs. Angels. Ding ding.” A classic McConaughey caption on this Instagram post.

The game is going to have a lot riding on it in the standings. It’s also got some bragging rights for the fans out there like Matthew McConaughey and Will Ferrell.

This game is Western Conference classic. In basketball terms, this is like the 2011 Lakers and Mavericks going at it in the NBA. They are two of the best, ready to prove that the hype around their team has been right, all along. For McConaughey, a minority investor in Austin FC, it means seeing his team compete at the highest levels in just year four. Prior to 2018, Austin FC did not exist. 2021 was their first MLS season.

Matthew McConaughey and Will Ferrell Rep for Their MLS Teams

One thing, outside of their respective careers in Hollywood, that makes Matthew McConaughey and Will Ferrell alike – big sports guys. Over the last 20+ years, both men have been spotted at some of the biggest matchups across multiple leagues. From college sports to the pro ranks, both have been there and done that.

It seems that the MLS is going to be getting more and more popular. A new generation of sports fans, ones that have varied interests, is rising. These fans watch the NFL, NBA, F1 Racing, MLS, the Premier League, NHL, and more. Soon, if you believe the reports that have come out, Lionel Messi will be coming to the MLS. If that move to Inter Miami FC is made, that could be earth-moving in the sport.

These two thespians will cheer and jeer as the match goes on tonight in Los Angeles at Banc of California Stadium. If you plan on tuning into the match, you might catch Matthew McConaughey or Will Ferrell on the TV. But, on the field, look out for the battle between Austin’s Sebastian Driussi and LAFC’s Carlos Vela. These two are offensive weapons that will look to deliver their team the win tonight.