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Matthew McConaughey Promises to Be a Longhorns Fan For ‘as Long as I’m Livin’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Tim Warner/Getty Images

Maybe Matthew McConaughey knows that the spirits of his fellow Longhorns are sagging.

The Texas football team suffered consecutive losses earlier this month, blowing late leads to both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. After a week off, the Longhorns travel to Waco for a Big 12 game against Baylor. This is past the point of do-or-die. UT needs to pick itself up or the season officially goes off the rails.

So enter Matthew McConaughey, the country’s most famous Longhorn fan. After all, he’s the athletic department’s minister of culture and UT needs some ministering to save its football team. So preach, Brother Matthew.

McConaughey posted on Twitter: “as long as I’m livin’ #hookem.” In the photo, he’s wearing his burnt orange Longhorn shirt. And he’s got his cap flipped backwards. He looks like he’s got a football roster folded in his hands, so he might’ve been a guest at UT’s indoor practice complex near downtown Austin. Take a look:

Need a Halloween Scare? Check Out a Vintage Matthew McConaughey Film

Since it’s the start of Halloween weekend, maybe you’d like to enjoy some vintage work from Matthew McConaughey. How about Texas Chainsaw Massacre for your holiday viewing pleasure. McConaughey played Vilmer in 1995, a couple of years after he graduated from UT.

McConaughey recalled in an interview this summer that he initially was going to have only a bit role in the movie. But still, he planned to pack up his belongings and planned to move to Hollywood. Then he decided to approach movie producers again and try out for the lead. The production secretary was going to read the lines with him for the audition. But he figured he needed a prop.

“I ran to the kitchen … grabbed a big tablespoon, came back in and just pinned (the secretary) in a corner and acted like it was a weapon,” Matthew McConaughey explained in an interview posted to his You tube channel. “I did it until she cried. And (the producer) was like, ‘That was good,’ and she was like, ‘Yeah, that was really good. You really scared me.’”

He did move to Los Angeles after the movie. But eventually, Austin beckoned him home. That’s why Matthew McConaughey moved himself, his wife and three kids back to Austin. He’s now a professor for UT’s school of communications. And he has the unofficial role with the athletic department.

McConaughey is such a Longhorn supporter that his cutout was set up in San Antonio’s Alamodome when Texas played Colorado in last December’s Alamo Bowl. No fans were allowed, but McConaughey was there in spirit.

But Matthew McConaughey isn’t solely about his Longhorns and American football. He’s a co-owner of Austin’s new MLS franchise. The team won a match earlier this week. But being victorious in soccer isn’t the same as a Longhorn win in football.

Here’s hoping Matthew McConaughey enjoys a happier day in Austin after UT takes on the Baylor Bears.