Matthew McConaughey’s Pump Up Speech Will Have You Fired Up for College Football Rivalry Week

by Chase Thomas

Believe it or not, Outsiders, it’s already the end of the college football season. Yes, Week 13 is here and after this weekend, it’s conference championship games and bowl schedules as we inch closer and closer to the national championship game in January. Not that you needed any additional motivation to get amped for Rivalry Week in college football, but, if you did, Matthew McConaughey has you covered.

It’s McConaughey, and he would think it’s quite alright, alright, alright if his speech on the Rivalry Week got you amped up this Thanksgiving season.

In the ESPN Instagram post, McConaughey is the character in the background. In the video, you hear the author of “Greenlights” highlight how rivalries are made. They don’t happen overnight, as the Texas superfan points out. It takes two teams playing for decades and decades. That’s what fosters that animosity. Whether it’s Texas vs. Oklahoma or Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, Rivalry Week, as McConaughey points out is a special time in the college football season.

Matthew McConaughey’s advice for teams this week? Don’t put made-up ceilings for your team. He wants you to throw that and the records out the window. What makes Rivalry Week special is that even if you’re having a rough season and you don’t think you can do it you just might because this is a special team.

Matthew McConaughey and Thanksgiving

Matthew McConaughey has been busy giving advice this week. The longtime celebrated actor has never been shy to voice his opinions on all sorts of matters, which is part of what makes him so lovable to so many fans. This Thanksgiving, he offered his perspective on the holiday and said it was a time for giving thanks and gratitude. It’s hard to find a better perspective than that for this holiday season.

In a post on his official Instagram page, McConaughey said, “Thanksgiving is about family and gratitude.” He continued, “Here’s the value of gratitude. The more things we’re thankful for, the more value we give to those things. And when we give value to things we take responsibility for them. We want to take care of those things. The more things we’re responsible for, the more meaning we have in our life, the more freedom we actually have. The responsibility of freedom starts with gratitude.”

Always teaching lessons, Matthew McConaughey is. He says that when you make a note to care and really be thankful for what you have you are more likely to not take them for granted. Responsibilities aren’t always a bad thing, they force you to care more about those things. When you add those up, along with the gratitude, this is what brings meaning to your life, from McConaughey’s perspective.