Matthew McConaughey Recalls Legendary Super Bowl Story From Las Vegas Trip

by Courtney Blackann

Good guy Matthew McConaughey isn’t one to take himself too seriously. The Oscar winning actor also enjoys sharing his ups and down with his fans. And in honor of Super Bowl LVI kicking off shortly, he’s throwing it back to a time he bet it all in Las Vegas.

With a post on Twitter, McConaughey sits in the sun with his shaggy hair, backwards hat and shades. He recalls a time he and his brother went to Vegas for the Super Bowl. Coming off a high from playing some really phenomenal Blackjack, McConaughey decided to do what everyone does when they step out in Sin City – keep betting.

This particular year, the Buffalo Bills happened to be taking on the Dallas Cowboys. And while Dallas had the better odds, McConaughey and his clan weren’t having it. He says they bet on the Bills to win. But further than that, they made a ton of side bets as well.

The “Dallas Buyers Club” actor laughs as he continues his story. When the Bills were up at halftime, both he and his brother were feeling pretty good about throwing down a ridiculous amount of money on them. However, as with many football games, things quickly took a turn. And it wasn’t in McConaughey’s favor.

The Dallas Cowboys ended up crushing the Bills – quickly deflating and sense of pride McConaughey had. He says when you figure out that you’ve lost whatever “buzz you had quickly turns into a hangover.”

Matthew McConaughey Shares Moral of Story

But the story doesn’t end there. As McConaughey and his brother grabbed a cab back to their Holiday Inn, the cab driver read their loss all over his face. The “Mud” actor says that the guy was completely scruffy and looked like he hadn’t showered in about three days. That didn’t stop him from absolutely trolling the two.

“You f—ing losers,” he kept saying, kicking McConaughey and company while they were down.

The Academy Award winner’s brother had enough at this point. He already lost all his money and he wasn’t about to take taunting from a cab driver. McConaughey says that his brother said, “Oh yeah? If you knew they were going to win, what are you doing driving a cab?”

The moral of the story, McConaughey says, when your team wins, you KNEW it was going to happen. But when you lose, you’re a “f—ing loser.”

The actor continuously laughs as he recalls the story. And we’re sure both the McConaughey guys are good people. Nobody wants to see a loss like that.

If you’re betting on today’s game, we hope you are a little less flippant with your cash than McConaughey.

Super Bowl LVI kicks off today at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBC and Peacock. (Go Bengals!)