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Matthew McConaughey Responds to Hilarious Impressions of Himself: ‘Funny Bone Officially Tickled’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey doesn’t mind seeing other people say “all right, all right, all right” when impersonating the Texas-born actor.

In a video posted on Twitter, McConaughey was laughing himself when talking about people doing their best Matthew McConaughey.

“I hear ya, and now I see ya,” he said. “My oh my, I’m starting to sound more like myself than I actually think I do. This seems to be true somehow so keep these impressions and impersonations coming in. Because one, you’re making me live longer by the laughter so thank you for that. Consider my funny bone officially tickled.

“Be sure to tag me at @mcconaughey and hashtag #greenlightsbook,” he said. “In the meantimes, and all times, just keep livin’. C’mon.”

Here’s McConaughey breaking it all down.

McConaughey said in an earlier video that he saw somebody reading an excerpt from his book “Greenlights” and was thoroughly impressed by this person’s impersonation.

“You know what? I loved it,” he claims. “It was funny. You made me laugh, pretty damn hard. I think (a) sense of humor should be our default emotion so I’m inviting more sense of humor into mine and your life by calling any of you ‘Greenlighters’ out there, I dare you, do your best impersonation, impression of me reading an excerpt from Greenlights, my book… post it. Send it in.”

Matthew McConaughey Influenced By Jim Morrison

Everyone who is aware of McConaughey knows about his catchphrase “all right, all right, all right” from the movie “Dazed And Confused.” Yet how many people know where that line came from in the movie.

This is where Jim Morrison, late lead singer of rock band The Doors, comes into play.

It seems that McConaughey was listening to a CD of a live Doors concert just before shooting his scene. He heard Morrison say “all right, all right” at the end of a song. There are at least two live songs where Morrison says something along those lines. One is at the end of “Roadhouse Blues” performed live; another is at the end of “Light My Fire,” recorded live at Boston Garden.

McConaughey said before shooting his scene in “Dazed” that he started to think about his character’s motivations. He came up with four categories: “His car, gettin’ high, rock and roll, and pickin’ up chicks.”

He then connected all four to those “all rights.” McConaughey said, “I’m in my car; I’m high as a kite; I’m listening to rock & roll,” he says. “Action! And there’s the chick – ‘All right, all right, all right!’ Three out of four!”

Take a few minutes and enjoy McConaughey’s work in “Dazed And Confused.”

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