Matthew McConaughey Reveals He’s a Lawbreaker in Most Hilarious Way

by Michael Freeman

Matthew McConaughey is a man with many names and titles. According to him, you can add “lawbreaker” to the list, as he recently revealed he fits the bill in a rather hilarious way.

Illustrating he is a man without a conscience and feels absolutely no remorse, McConaughey tweeted a photo early this morning showing blatant disregard for the law. The act is so sinister I’m hesitant to even write about it, but I’ll give it a shot. You know how mattresses have a tag on them that explicitly says “Do not remove this tag under penalty of law?” Well, some people simply lack common decency, as seen below.

Matthew McConaughey’s tweet includes a picture of a clearly severed mattress tag. Displaying his deed like a trophy, the man only wrote “lawbreaker” to accompany the heinous act.

Reception to the tweet has been mixed so far, with some condoning the act and others wagging their fingers virtually at him. “Oh man, prepare for the consequences,” and “mattress police are en route” are but a few of the comments warning the actor about the repercussions he’ll soon face.

Nevertheless, some are expressing admiration for the rebellious act, with one suggesting he “not post the evidence.” Funnily enough, a few harnessed their inner Judas Priest, listing the lyrics to “Breaking the Law.”

And to think this is the man that was considering running for Governor of Texas at one point.

Matthew McConaughey Said he Wouldn’t ‘Ask My Parents to Change Anything’ About the Way they Raised him

With Matthew McConaughey being the rebel he is, one has to wonder about his household growing up. McConaughey seems to believe they were more than fair, saying he wouldn’t “ask my parents to change anything” about the way they raised him.

Talking to LADbible about his upbringing, McConaughey said it was unique, to say the least. Though he endured trauma, such as witnessing physical violence between his parents, he wouldn’t change anything. According to him, he and his brothers had what was coming to them and they deserved whatever punishment they got.

“I wouldn’t ask my parents to change anything they did,” McConaughey stated. “When I talk about how my family was corporal punishment, how you got the belt, you didn’t get grounded… Me and my brothers, no one ever got injured. And we knew every time we got punished, ‘Yep, earned that one. Guilty.’ I mean, there was never a ‘Wait, but I didn’t- I shouldn’t get that one.’ No, we knew we had tried to pull something off and didn’t get away with it.”

Further, what he enjoyed most was once the punishment came, that was it. No grudges or lengthy groundings. It was swift and done quickly.

I wonder what they would do about his little mattress stunt?