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Matthew McConaughey Reveals His Key to a Happy Marriage

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Suzi Pratt/Getty Images)

American actor Matthew McConaughey is certainly full of wisdom when it comes to love. McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves have been married for 9 years and have a 13-year-old son together. When it comes to how McConaughey fosters a healthy marriage with his Brazilian-American model wife, the actor says its simple.

In an interview with the Today Show, the actor says of keeping his family life simple, “Don’t make a straight line crooked.  If things are going well, keep catching green lights. If they’re not, deal with them soon so they don’t bubble up and get you later.”

A Classic LA Love Story

Matthew McConaughey and Alves met in 2006 at a Los Angeles bar, and McConaughey was blown away by her beauty that night. The actor told Oprah in 2020, “I didn’t say, ‘Who is that.’ I said, ‘What is that. We had a great connection. I spoke better Spanish and Portuguese that night than I have since you know what I mean?” Three days later, the pair had their first date. McConaughey invited Alves to his home in Malibu and cooked her dinner, and the rest is history. 

McConaughey continues to speak highly of his wife, confiding to The Today Show how she pushes him in his career. “I’ve got a wife who challenges me. There were two movies I wanted to do last year, but they were back-to-back with no separation. She was like, ‘You want to do it – buck up, grab your nuts, and make it happen. We’ll be there with you.’”

McConaughey’s reverent respect for Alves is apparent. The way McConaughey fondly speaks of his wife is truly adorable, and refreshing amongst Hollywood where many couples are constantly riddled with drama. In an episode of the Anna Faris podcast the actor appeared on, McConaughey shares a charming anecdote about the quirky parts of Alves he loves the most.

“She’s got this little chip on her front tooth, which leaves this beautiful gap,” he explained. “She was going to go get it fixed one time and I said, ‘No way! I love that little chip right there on your tooth. That little shadow that’s on that side but not that side. I love it!” McConaughey boasts to host Anna Farris.

McConaughey Explains Success is Subjective in His Memoir, ‘Greenlights’

The longevity of Matthew McConaughey’s union with Camila Alves is undoubtedly due to their deep love for one another. That level of love and respect is impossible to fake, and rare to find. Knowing this, it’s easy to look at McConaughey’s loving marriage and prosperous career and label him as successful. However, in McConaughey’s memoir, ‘Greenlights’, the 52-year-old challenges his audience to consider how success is subjective. An excerpt from the 2020 book reads, 

“The question we need to ask ourselves is: what is success to us? More money? That’s fine. A healthy family? A happy marriage? Helping others? To be famous? Spiritually sound? To express ourselves? .. create art? .. leave the world a better place than we found it?

What is success to me? Continue to ask yourself that question. How are you prosperous? What is your relevance?

Your answer may change over time and that’s fine but do yourself this favor – whatever your answer is, don’t choose anything that would jeopardize your soul. Prioritize who you are, who you want to be, and don’t spend time with anything that antagonizes your character. Don’t depend on drinking the Kool-Aid – it’s popular, tastes sweet today, but it will give you cavities tomorrow.

Life is not a popularity contest. Be brave, take the hill. But first, answer the question.”