Matthew McConaughey Says His Dad Predicted He’d Die ‘Making Love’ to His Mom, And It Happened

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matthew McConaughey loves to tell this bittersweet story about his father and how he died in a state of bliss.

James Donald McConaughey, a former college football player, married Kay and tried to build a life in Texas for his three sons. Friends and family called him Jim. And he made a living by working in the oil field supply business.

In a word, the parents of Matthew McConaughey had a tumultuous relationship. They married, got divorced, got remarried, and divorced again. And then they wed for a third time. They fought with each other, sometimes violently. But they also couldn’t quit each other.

This was all back in 1992 when Matthew was starting to get work in the acting business. Earlier this month, in an interview with LADbible, McConaughey talked about the day his dad passed away.

“The beauty of him dying – or his heart not being able to pump enough blood to his body to live – through making love to my mother for his last time, that was just beautiful,” Matthew McConaughey said.

“Plus, he had called that. He would tell me and the boys, ‘Boys, when I go, I will be making love to your mother.’ … And then he did it. It’s sage stuff, man. That’s legendary – calling your shot for decades before it happens.”

(Rick Kern/WireImage)

McConaughey, who is married and the father of three, wrote about his parents in his 2020 memoir, Greenlights. “I got a call from my Mom. (She said) ‘Your dad died,’” Matthew McConaughey wrote in his book. “My knees buckled. I couldn’t believe it. He was my dad. Nobody or nothing could kill him. Except for mom.”

When Jim died, he left a gold initial ring to Matthew. It also had a somewhat bizarre story attached to it. McConaughey explained that his dad used gold from his high school class ring for the new piece of jewelry. Matthew said the ring also was made from his mom’s class ring and the gold from her dental fillings. He showed it off last year in a video he posted to Instagram before Christmas last year. McConaughey also said the ring was “worth more than gold.” That’s because feeling sentimental about your father is priceless.

The year his dad died, Matthew McConaughey saw his first hints of acting success. He also wrote down his life goals. Although he had no lines, he starred in the Trisha Yearwood music video “Walk Away Joe.” And he also made his first-ever TV appearance with an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Matthew McConaughey moved his family back to Austin, Texas a few years ago. He’s entrenched in the community, teaching at the University of Texas. And he’s also a part-owner of Austin FC, the MLS franchise that starts its season this Saturday.

Kay, his mother, now is 90. And she’s still living in Austin, too.