Matthew McConaughey Says to ‘Honor and Remember’ This Memorial Day in Teary-Eyed Pic

by Matthew Wilson

Actor Matthew McConaughey is urging his followers to remember what Memorial Day is really about – the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

McConaughey shared a moody black and white photo of himself in honor of the national holiday. In the photo, he’s gazing off into the distance with tears in his eyes. The actor is also holding his hands up as if saying a prayer.

McConaughey captioned the photo with a simple: “honor honor. remember. #memorial day.”

Many of McConaughey’s followers agreed with the actor’s sentiment. For instance, one user wrote in support, “This is not about ‘enjoying a long weekend’ this about the soldiers that died for our freedom, who made the ultimate sacrifice and honoring them!”

Another agreed writing, “Yes! Honor the fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. The bravest men and women I know. May the always be honored. God bless.”

But McConaughey’s post also rubbed some people the wrong way. They felt he went about honoring Memorial Day the wrong way by posting an enlarged portrait of himself instead of a service member. The actor may have wanted to convey the emotion he felt. But some viewed the image as vanity on his part.

One user wrote, “McConaughey loves himself some McConaughey lol.” And another commented, “Good luck beating Gov Abbott if you make a patriotic post about yourself.”

Matthew McConaughey Plans Governor Run

That dig came in response to McConaughey’s political aspirations. Recently, the actor entertained the idea of making a run for governor in his home state of Texas. While he hasn’t officially announced his candidacy, the actor discussed some of his political beliefs.

“I’m not interested in going and putting a bunch of Band-Aids on that are gonna be ripped off as soon as I’m out,” he said during “The Carlos Watson Show” recently. “I’m interested in building something that can last, and I’m measuring what category that is. I don’t know if that’s politics. That whole embassy of politics has some redefining of its purpose.”

Most importantly, McConaughey said he doesn’t take a potential political career lightly. The actor said if he won the governor position he would want to make lasting impacts within his state.

“How many things do actual leaders and politicians get done in their four [years] that now become realized later on after they’re in office? They never get the credit for those. You only get credit for wins, W’s and L’s, what you did in the bank of those years.”