Matthew McConaughey Says Only ‘Common Denominator’ Across Humanity Is ‘Values’

by Katie Maloney

Actor Matthew McConaughey drops some wisdom about humanity on Instagram.

Matthew McConaughey has been an advocate for kindness lately. Last year, McConaughey donated 110,000 face masks to hospitals in Texas. Last month, McConaughey teamed up with Dallas Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott to donate 1,000 meals to Texas families. And most recently, McConaughey and his wife Camila hosted the We’re Texas virtual benefit concert which helped raise money for Texas residents affected by the winter storms. In conclusion, Matthew McConaughey seems like a good guy. And now he’s asking everyone else to be good people too in his latest Instagram video.

During the video, McConaughey shares what he believes connects all people: values.

“The best I can tell is, the common denominator that is bipartisan, that can be scaled across humanity is values. You can be whatever color, shape, size you want to be. But we all need to share a common set of values,” said McConaughey. “Let’s be fair to each other. Let’s be friendly, let’s be optimistic. And let’s be respectful to ourselves. Respectful to each other people. Let’s be accountable. And let’s not lie, cheat, or steal. Let’s look after ourselves. And let’s look after each other. We’re all writing our own book, you know? Every like or dislike, or thing we send out. The thing we choose not to send out or share, it’s being recorded. What book are we writing is what I’m asking? Values…they never go out of style.”

Along with the video, Matthew McConaughey wrote, “values…they never go out of style.”

Matthew McConaughey Shares His Advice Life After The Pandemic

The acting superstar also has some words of wisdom in regards to post-pandemic life. During a recent interview, Matthew McConaughey shared that he’s learned a lot over the past year. He said that he plans to apply those lessons to his life even after things return to normal, and he hopes that other people do the same.

“When we turn the page, and we get our freedoms to go engage again, that we don’t snap right back,” said McConaughey. “That hopefully this last year when we were forced to reevaluate what the hell matters to us in our own lives, hopefully, we will take those reevaluations out of this year and evolve as people, as individuals as well.”

Matthew McConaughey also recommends that everyone gradually reacclimate to life once things open again, instead of rushing back into the hustle and bustle of life.

“Hey, the first day may not need to be okay everybody charge. No! We’re all coming out of our own independent world and reuniting again, so let’s sit down,” said McConaughey. “Maybe that first week back maybe needs to be, let’s sit down and talk about what we’ve learned.”