Matthew McConaughey Shares How He Feels After St. Patrick’s Day With Hilarious ‘Beach Bum’ Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matthew McConaughey showed his millions of fans exactly how he felt as he recovered from an apparently rough St. Patrick’s Day.

McConaughey, given his name, probably feels especially close to the Emerald Isle this time of year. He might’ve been over-served as he celebrated his ancestors.

So take a look at McConaughey’s tweet that went live at 6:32 a.m., Texas time. Fortunately for McConaughey, it still was dark, so there was none of that nasty sunlight peeking through the blinds.

McConaughey wrote: “post-Saint Paddy’s partookment.” And the photo? It was of McConaughey passed out under a pier but high above the water. Take a glance at the photo. We’ll tell you what it’s all about on the other side and how Snoop Dogg fits in,

You Probably Don’t Recognize This Matthew McConaughey Photo

No, that really wasn’t Matthew McConaughey sleeping off his St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. If you’re a fan of the Academy Award winner, maybe you recognize this movie. And no, this movie didn’t win any snooty awards.

This was McConaughey playing Moondog in The Beach Bum, a 2019 stoner movie. The film featured a nice, fun-loving cast. Snoop Dogg was a co-star. So was Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence and Jonah Hill. 

The Beach Bum enjoyed its world premiere three years ago this month at Austin’s super festival South By Southwest. Truth be told, McConaughey probably was out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Thursday night at some SXSW venues.

And truthfully, you also probably didn’t see the movie. It was made on a $5 million budget and didn’t even make that back at the box office. Opening weekend generated $1.8 million, the lowest debut for any McConaughey film.

The plot sounds like it was created for McConaughey. Big surprise — his Moondog lived the hedonistic life. And Moondog’s home base was the Florida Keys. He imbibed and worked on his book, while considering himself the unofficial poet laureate of the Florida Keys. Meanwhile, Minnie, his wife (Fisher), supported the family and let her husband do his thing. But you know that Moondog probably was a smidge too old to act this way.

Moondog had several flings during the movie. And did his wife. Minnie was having an affair with singer Lingerie. Or Rie, as his friends call him. Snoop Dogg played Rie.

Harmony Korine wrote and directed the movie. The characters were based on the people Korine hung out with back in the day.

Moondog Character Might’ve Been Too True to Life

Movie critics picked up on how the film might imitate life when it came to McConaughey. Variety wrote of McConaughey and Beach Bum:

“Moondog feels less like a transformation than a gross exaggeration of McConaughey’s preexisting off-screen persona: the blissed-out, bongo-playing stoner, with the anything-goes attitude and dog-whistle laugh. But more than that, the star is clearly having such a blast inhabiting this character, it doesn’t actually seem like work.”

But circling back to the reason for our Beach Bum musings. Here’s hoping on this post St. Patrick’s Day, you’re not feeling like Matthew McConaughey and his “partookment.”